Review of the Basso Palta

Posted by Alder Martz on 29th Jun 2018

Review of the Basso Palta

When Basso Bikes decided to enter the insanely popular gravel adventure bike market, they weren't content with simply taking their cyclocross frame and re-branding it with new names and colors. No, Basso set out to design a completely new model with all the designs and features that set a gravel bike apart from the other disciplines. 

The Palta, which comes from a local Italian word meaning dirt or mud, is a carbon frame that is produced from start to finish at Basso's own factory in Italy. Basso's proficiency in carbon comes from years of experience as well as product development for motorsports such as World Rally, Formula One, and Moto GP. Basso's attention to design is greater than mere aesthetics however. The carbon has been laid in order to maintain stiffness, yet remain forgiving - a key element in the bumpy, unpredictable world of off road exploring. As if that wasn't enough, Basso also designed the Palta's seat post with rubber elastomers to further deaden unwanted vibrations.

The Palta retains the stylish, seemingly integrated stem, spacer, and headset that characterize other Basso models, like their top of the line Diamante and Diamante SV. The stem is sturdy enough to stand up to the rigors of off road riding and the included spacers are color coded to match the frame's paint scheme.

The Palta also features enough tire clearance to accommodate 40c gravel tires or 42c slicks, with room to spare! The extra tire volume is another key to the Palta's offroad performance and handling. 

The frame is designed to work with 1x drivetrains only and is spec'd with either Sram Force1 or Rival1. However, we found that it is possible for a clamp on front derailleur, which would give riders more choice in groupsets and gear ratios. 

The Palta was designed to be comfortable both on and off road, with the ability to fluctuate between the two with ease.  An optional 'Endurance Pack' includes a 20mm spacer to elongate the wheelbase for better handling off-road and more comfort while riding long distances. 

The Palta is available in three different color schemes, Space BluShadow Grey, and Emerald Green. Start your custom build today! Send us an email or have a look at the Palta in our online store.