My Campy App: Bring Your Groupset to Life Through Your Phone

Posted by Clive de Sousa on 27th Mar 2020

My Campy App: Bring Your Groupset to Life Through Your Phone

Have you ever wanted an app that not only logs your ride data, but can also track how many shifts you’ve completed and which gear you have spent most of the ride in? Not only that, but wouldn’t it be cool to have an app that keeps track of when you need to replace that chain or cassette for you, so that you can ride worry-free that your components are always in the best shape? If either of these features sounds like a dream come true to you, and you own a Campagnolo groupset, keep reading.

The MyCampy App is made up of three parts: MyGarage, MySession, and MYEPS.


This section can be used to track the use of your bike, wheels, and groupset. Each bike that you have in your physical garage can be recreated into the app and let you keep track of the routine maintenance and wear conditions of each component. With Campagnolo EPS components that are V3 or V4 the components can be connected via Bluetooth to the app, and show real time updates on maintenance as problems arise. Non-Campagnolo components or wheels can also be added to MyGarage, but will need to be manually updated as wear and maintenance occur. As maintenance is done, or parts are replaced, you can update the app accordingly to ensure that the most up to date data is always available!


MySessions allows the MyCampy App to be used as a simplistic ride computer, one that tracks distance, time, and time spent in each gear combination. As you complete a ride using EPS components, the app picks up on each individual shift that you make and compiles data on the amount of shifts that are completed as well as how much time you spend in each gear combination. If you cross-chain (many of us at Glory are guilty of this one), the app will provide that information front and center for you. Combining this information with your component health could be just the step that you need to help break the habit!

If you have a preexisting bike computer that you would rather use, data for maintenance notifications can still be recorded by downloading your ride data from your computer into the app. This will allow you to monitor the amount of miles that have been put on each component, but will be more limited in the shifting use data that is provided.


From this section, EPS components can be customized to make them completely personalized to your riding style. Just as Shimano offers the ability to program Di2 to “syncro-shift mode,” this portion of the app allows EPS users to program the front and rear derailleurs to shift according to personal preference. To take it one step further, EPS users can also adjust the shifting “style” of their derailleurs to either race, sport, or comfort mode. These modes vary in the aggressiveness and speed of the shift, and can be adjusted to account for the intended riding style. Comfort mode is great for those days where you can let the derailleur be in charge, and let shifts occur in a softer, quieter, and gentler manner. When you need to race and shift gears quickly, the race mode results in instantaneous shifting perfect for needing to get in the just-right goldilocks gear for winning that finish line sprint.

If that isn’t enough, the MyEPS section also allows you to check and update firmware as needed, and monitor both the battery and component itself for long-term health. Notifications will come up as updates are available or problems arise, allowing you to get a solution for the problem before it derails a ride.

Need more information? Here are some additional FAQs for the application (see for more information).

Can anyone use the app?

Yes, even if you don’t have Campagnolo specific components or wheels, or only have some Campagnolo components, you can still add the parts to the bikes in “My Garage” and manually log wear/maintenance.

What devices is the MyCampy App compatible with?

Current versions of the app are compatible with any Android or IOS device with version X.X or higher. To connect to EPS V3/V4 groups a bluetooth connection must be available, and logging sessions requires GPS coverage.

What information is programmable with the MyEPS feature?

The MyEPS feature allows you to customize shifting style, multi-shifting, and shift assist as well as many other aspects of the shifting experience. Go to for full details!

I’m sold- where can I download the MyCampy App?

Download the MyCampy app for free at!