Garmin Rally Power Pedal Review

Posted by Clive de Sousa on 25th Mar 2021

Garmin Rally Power Pedal Review

Garmin have been in the power pedal game for a good while now and not always completely successful at it. The 4th Gen Rally Power Pedal system appears to be a refined and complete solution to recording power on any bike via the pedal. 

One of the big talking points about the Rally system is the ability to use the Rally axles or even your older Vector 3 axles and swap out the pedal bodies. Right now 3 options available Shimano SPD, Look Keo and Shimano SPD-SL. Priced between 200 and $250 for the pedal bodies available here. 

We do our own reviews here at Glory and often times get very valuable feedback on product from our clients but in the case of more complex electronic components there is no one who does it quite like Ray from DC Rainmaker.  According to him the Rally is not only well priced and very versatile but a perfect fit for the rider who wants to use the power system on a variety of bikes.   He goes into a good deal of detail on accuracy across various conditions and reports the Rally is as reliable as any of the top meters on the market. 

Improved battery life and connectivity via Bluetooth and Ant+ the Rally is in many ways the same pedal as the previous Vector 3 with the additional pedal format options and a few tweaks like a new pedal end cap and an upgraded battery.   The new Rally comes with a single CR1/3N battery in each pedal. These are expected to be replaced as needed by removing the pedal axle end cap. Garmin says you can also use four LR44/SR44 batteries (two in each pedal) instead.

Stack height for the road pedals stays the same as Keo and SPD but the SDP pedal has a visibly higher stack than regular SPD pedals are a good deal heavier than standard SPD so not a perfect solution for high level competition given a crank based system would be lighter and have a lower stack height. 

Swapping between bikes and installation of the Rally pedal. Some will remember the painful need to accurately torq the older Vector pedals with the pods. Those days are gone, the new Rally requires on a simple pedal wrench (you cant access the back of the spindle with an allen key) and nothing more than snugging them up. Probably a good idea to try tighten them to roughly the same torq and make sure they are snug for best accuracy. 

Cleats are included with the pedals as well as a set of pedal washers and spare O rings for replacing the pedal end cap. 

Rally pedals available here. 

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