Enve SES Road Tire: More Than Just Aero-Optimized Rubber

Posted by Alder Martz on 10th Aug 2020

Enve SES Road Tire: More Than Just Aero-Optimized Rubber

For years, Enve has focused on producing the fastest wheels. But one question continued to bother them: “What good is a fast wheel with an inefficient tire?” Enter the Enve SES Road Tire. It’s tubeless. It’s efficient. It’s compatible with hookless and hooked rims. It’s been developed in partnership with Tufo. And most importantly, the SES Road Tire is available with tan sidewalls.

Now, Enve does make a lot of claims about their new hybrid tire shape and aerodynamic efficiencies and hiding airflow transition edges in the tread (as the Enve logo no less). To some of us it might sound like a lot of marketing malarkey and to others, mid-ride chat material. However, every rider can appreciate the SES Road Tire’s main design principle: Real World Fast.

Real World Fast is the idea that what’s good in a controlled test isn’t always what’s best on the road. It’s also the idea that a fast tire is one that doesn’t flat. And if it does, it’s easy to change. It’s the idea that you shouldn’t have to change your tires based on the weather or guess whether or not your wheels and frame are compatible. Honestly, these are the things we care about when it comes to our tires and Enve’s SES Road Tires addresses them all.

Universal compatibility are two words we love to hear and the SES Road Tires embody that. Enve chose a bead that will work with their hookless rims as well as traditional, non-Enve, hooked ones. They can function as tubeless or clinchers. Furthermore, Enve says the tires have also been designed in accordance with the newest ETRTO standards, ensuring future compatibility.

Given the current range of rim widths in use, Enve has addressed one of the most important tire buying issues with a simple solution. As the inner rim width widens, the tire vollumn balloons. This phenomenon causes a 28c tire to fail to fit in a 28c rated frame. Enve manages this with clear marking on their packaging, showing the WAM (width as measured) of the tire as it relates to 4 different inner rim widths.

Finally, the SES Road Tire isn’t the lightest tire on the market. Nor is it the most puncture resistant, or fastest rolling or longest lasting. Instead of topping one category, Enve chose the SES Road Tire to be really good in all of them. It’s even got some wet-weather properties infused into the rubber. For Enve, speed is not built around a singular metric. Cliched puns aside, it's a balance.As if that simple convenience wasn’t enough, Enve went a step further to ensure the SES Road Tires are easy to put on and take off. This is a rarely referenced, yet supremely important metric that takes precedent when you find yourself on the side of the road with a flat. Enve does note that while you shouldn’t need tools, it does require proper technique. Hint: unseating the tire from the rim by pushing the bead in helps enormously.

Tire choice is important. This was made even more obvious during cycling’s 2020 season restart when Julian Alaphillipe’s defense of Strade Bianche was derailed by six flat tires, happening in his first race after his team’s wheel and tire sponsor announced they were ditching tubeless. It may be a coincidence, but the fact remains. This marginal gain has major payoffs.

The Enve SES Road Tires are available from GloryCycles in 4 different sizes as well as with tan or black sidewalls.