Chapter2 Toa Disc Price, Availability and Review Details

Posted by Clive de Sousa on 27th Jul 2021

Chapter2 Toa Disc Price, Availability and Review Details

When you see as many bikes as I do it takes something special to move you to action and it takes a bike with everything in the right place before you commit to buy it and make it your primary ride. It's close to when you saw her across the bar....

I own the Chapter2 Tere and it's been an amazing bike, I liked it so much that I probably hung onto it for longer than I normally do with my bikes. When Chapter2 sent me some of the pre-release details of the Toa I was thrilled to see they had taken a fantastic bike and improved it in all the right places. The new Toa is lighter, stiffer, more comfortable to ride, has a threaded bottom bracket and a fully integrated handlebar with totally hidden cables. Not only that but Chapter2 have really come into their stride with the colors and design. 

The Tere ride. It's not a typical race bike although I do use it in races, I'm a masters 50+ mid pack guy and sometimes ride the cat  3 but normally get it handed to me so I don't need a sprinters bike. The Tere is aero, light and feels very stable. Does not beat my old ass and looks great. We expect very much the same thing from the Toa but a stiffer BB, more forgiving seatpost and a more "together" feeling front end with the 1.5 inch top and bottom headset bearings. 

Chapter2 Toa Price and availability 

$3999 for the frame, fork, headset, seatpost and the fully integrated Mana Handlebar in the essential black and $4199 for the limited edition white/gold (100-200 frames in this color never to be produced again). First shipments expected in October 22 with consistent delivery of the essential black after that. In the future Chapter2 will do more limited colors like they have done with other models. 

Integrated Mana handlebar and the option to use a normal stem. 

The Toa frame has a fully integrated handlebar with a 1.5 inch headset that completely conceals all cables. The good news is you can use a normal bar and stem as well. See diagram below. If you want to run this option we can credit you for the handlebar and supply a suitable stem. 

Toa frame can be used with a conventional stem.

Contact us via email or on the site chat to learn more about builds, availability and required deposit. 

See the product page here:   Chapter2 Toa 

Building a complete bike is reasonably difficult right now. SRAM, Campy and Shimano groups are all backordered and we really mean it. 3-6 months right now.  There is always the option to use your current group, upgrade the frame only hold onto the old frame and when things calm down and the new Shimano is available you can replace the old group with new and either have two bikes or sell the old one at that time.  

See here in the limited color with SRAM Force AXS and Chapter2 carbon wheels. Not sold by Chapter2 as a complete but we are able to do this exact build for you. 

The Toa has huge tire clearance for a road bike. It's essentially an all-road bike with it's 32mm practical limit and compliant seatpost.  If you ride light gravel or are a gravel racer there are times the Toa will be a better choice than say an Open up. Think BWR 

Electronic or mechanical shifting.  Quite a few new bikes with the fully internal headsets are electric only but not the Toa. You can run Shimano, Campy or SRAM mechanical or electric groups but disc brake only. 

Essential collection gloss black. 

Chapter2 Toa geometry.  Designed to be an allrounder the Toa is a race bike for longer miles. Expect to feel at home on the Toa much due to the relaxed 74 deg headtube and moderate stack/reach curve.