Posted by Clive de Sousa on 5th Sep 2018

Campagnolo 12 Speed Customer Review

When asked how his new Campagnolo 12sp worked one of our top clients responded with this: 

Im at work, but a few quick thoughts on it:

Focusing on changes, not the reasons I already liked campy: As always, it took a Solid 450-500mi to really feel broken in. But, now that it is, it feels fantastic.

So I have to say, I didn’t really think I’d notice any difference going from my 11s Super Record to the 12s, but it is an improvement.

First of all, Campagnolo addressed one of my long time complaints, which was the free throw at the beginning of every lever throw. Although this was only done out of necessity due to the inclusion of an extra gear, the result is a more immediate shift. This is appreciated in all instances. Was this ever a “problem” on 11s? No, not at all. This is simply better.

Staying with the levers, while I never had an issue with 11s Campy shifters, I do think the ever-so-slightly larger shift levers (both positions) are a welcome change resulting in even better overall ergonomics – particularly when actuating shifts from the drops. Obviously Campy ergonomics have been their strong point for a very long time, however these are better. 

The addition of a 12th gear is more welcome than I thought it would be – this is actually due to the extended range being available within the same spacing as 11s – as it enables the user to have improved chainline in a larger range of gears while retaining the same front chainring position.

The rest of the changes to the group seem valuable, but Im not sure how tangibly noticeable they are. E.g larger pulleys, the stiffening plate on the crank, etc.

Overall the group is better, albeit the changes are definitely more evolutionary than revolutionary. I do think the new SR12 firmly establishes Campy as the best mechanical shifting option available. Would I tell someone with SR11 to get rid of it and upgrade to SR12? No. But, for anyone in the market, I would definitely tell them to go SR12 over going with SR11, as I do think its better.

Here for prices and availability: Campagnolo 12 sp Groups