Ride Notes

29th Jun 2016

Shimano Dura-Ace 9150 Di2 Preview

Hot on the heels of the Dura-Ace 9100 mechanical groupset is its electronic sister, Dura-Ace 9150 Di2, and it's more than just an electrified version of the former.  Shimano promises some signifi …

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14th Jun 2016

Primer on Endurance Bikes

Gravel bikes, aero gravel bikes, aero bikes, endurance bikes - every month a marketing company creates another frame category. With all these variations of frames it can be confusing what the bike tru …

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9th Jun 2016

Enve SES Aero Bar Review and Pricing

We are always chasing aerodynamics - deeper profile wheels, slick clothing, and wind slicing frames. Enve is once again leading the charge when it comes to fine-tuning your aero needs.The Enve SE …

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17th May 2016

Silca SuperPista Pump: Review

Silca has been a legendary name in cycling and has relaunched Stateside with a lineup of new pumps.The SuperPista pump has the old world reliability you expect from Silca. The pump’s chamber is c …

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Posted by Clive de Sousa on 10th May 2016

Wilier GTR Team Disc Review

Endurance or race? most bikes are labeled one or the other but what about a bike falls right between, could be ridden in a race and was smooth enough for the longest rides and had all the best feature …

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