pinarello MOST Tiger Alu TiCR Stem: A Comprehensive Review

Pinarello MOST Tiger Alu Ticr Stem

The Pinarello MOST Tiger Alu TiCR Stem is truly a game-changer in the world of cycling components. There’s so much this stem has in store for riders. Simple yet terrifically brilliant.

Crafted from forged aluminum through precise CNC machining, this stem offers the perfect balance of aerodynamic enhancement and exceptional torsional rigidity.

Seamlessly integrating with MOST handlebars, it allows for total cable integration, ensuring a sleek and clutter-free cockpit. With the innovative tiger mount, accessing your ride data becomes effortless.

Available in seven sizes, this stem caters to a wide range of riders. So, customization is another advantage of using this awesome cycle component.

Today, we’ll cover all this in a detailed review. Stay with us as we unravel all the things the stem has to offer.

Pinarello MOST Tiger Alu TiCR Stem Features Table

Here’s a table showcasing the features of the Pinarello MOST Tiger Alu TiCR Stem:

MaterialForged aluminum manufactured by CNC machining
Aerodynamic ImprovementEnhances aerodynamic performance and torsional rigidity
Cable IntegrationAllows total cable integration with MOST handlebar
Tiger MountProvides convenient accessibility to ride data
Size AvailabilityAvailable in 7 sizes: 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 110mm, 120mm, 130mm, 140mm
Special Cable RoutingDesigned with specific cable routing for Shimano Di2
CompatibilityCompatible with select Pinarello models

Pinarello MOST Tiger Alu Ticr Stem: Details

Yes, the stem is compatible with a selection of bikes. But that’s still not a major disadvantage for custom riders. Before going to that, let’s look at the features of this component:

Precision-Crafted Forged Aluminum Construction

The Tiger Alu TiCR Stem is expertly crafted from forged aluminum using CNC machining techniques. And this technique offers several advantages.

Firstly, it allows for precise control and consistency, ensuring that each produced component meets the desired specifications. The computer-controlled nature of the process eliminates the variability that can arise from human error, resulting in greater precision and reliability.

Precision-Crafted Forged Aluminum Construction

Through CNC Tiger Alu was able to adapt complex geometries that would be challenging or impossible to achieve through manual methods. This manufacturing process ensures a high level of precision and quality, resulting in a stem that is both lightweight and durable.

The use of forged aluminum guarantees an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, providing riders with the confidence and reliability they need on the road.

Aerodynamic Improvement and Torsional Rigidity

The best thing about the Tiger Alu TiCR Stem is its enhanced aerodynamic performance. Aside from that, the stem provides exceptional torsional rigidity.

The streamlined shape and optimized dimensions of the stem minimize air resistance. As a result, riding while facing blow from wind is not a problem anymore.

The feature doesn’t end here as the high torsional rigidity of the stem ensures precise handling and efficient power transfer.

And the end result is, cyclists can maintain higher speeds for longer durations, experience less fatigue, and potentially gain a competitive edge in races or time trials.

Total Cable Integration with MOST Handlebars

One of the standout features of the Tiger Alu TiCR Stem is its compatibility with MOST handlebars, allowing for total cable integration.

This integration eliminates cable clutter and enhances the overall aesthetics of the cockpit. By keeping cables hidden and neatly routed through the stem and handlebar, riders can enjoy a clean and sleek setup, minimizing distractions and maximizing focus on the road ahead.

Convenient iTiger Mount for Data Accessibility

Equipped with the innovative iTiger mount, the Tiger Alu TiCR Stem provides riders with easy access to their ride data.

The iTiger mount securely holds cycling computers or other devices, ensuring that essential information is readily available at a glance. Now, riders are able to view and monitor information such as speed, distance, and heart rate while on the bike.

Convenient iTiger Mount for Data Accessibility

Also, this feature eliminated any need for additional mounts or accessories, streamlining the cockpit and enhancing convenience during rides.

Wide Range of Sizes

The Tiger Alu TiCR Stem is available in seven different sizes, offering riders the flexibility to choose the length that best suits their fit and riding style.

A stem that is properly sized and fitted to the rider ensures a more natural riding position and reduces strain on the body. Not just that, it enhances overall stability and maneuverability on the bike.

With options ranging from 80mm to 140mm, cyclists can find the perfect stem length to achieve their desired riding position and optimize comfort and control on the bike.

There’s one more benefit that you must consider. Having a wide range of sizes means you can fine-tune the bike setup to suit your individual preferences

Special Cable Routing for Shimano Di2

For riders using Shimano Di2 electronic shifting systems, the Tiger Alu TiCR Stem features special cable routing designed specifically for seamless integration with Di2 components.

Incorporating specific routes and channels for cables, it ensures that they are neatly tucked away and secured, preventing them from interfering with the rider or getting caught on other components.

Organized cable routing can contribute to improved shifting or braking performance, as it helps maintain smooth cable operation and reduces friction.

Overall, special cable routing on this stem simplifies maintenance, improves functionality, and enhances the appearance of the bike.

Compatibility with Select Pinarello Bikes

It’s important to note that the TiCR Stems are specifically designed to be compatible with certain Pinarello models. These include the Dogma F12 Series, 2020 onwards Prince and Prince FX, as well as the 2022 Grevil.


The Pinarello MOST Tiger Alu TiCR Stem boasts a combination of precision craftsmanship, aerodynamic performance, user-friendly features, and compatibility with select Pinarello models.

Whether you’re seeking improved aerodynamics, cable integration, or data accessibility, this stem delivers exceptional performance and functionality to elevate your riding experience.

With its lightweight and durable construction, the Tiger Alu TiCR Stem is a worthy addition to any cyclist’s setup.

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