Pinarello FCX Frameset 2016 Black Yellow 664

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Pinarello FCX Frameset 2016 Black Yellow 664
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Frameset Disc Brake
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The FCX Cross is the perfect bike for the cyclecross racer who wants the speed and handling of a Pinarello road bike with a design specific to off road racing. The frame design is derived from the Dogma K, giving this frame all of the speed and reactive nature of a pure road bike, but with several elements specifically designed to make this a perfect performance cyclecross machine.

The FCX Cross is built on an asymmetric frame to confer a more symmetric and efficient power transfer with each pedal stroke. The top tube is rounded and more ergonomic than its road counterparts in an effort to increase comfort and facilitate shouldering the bike during intense race situations.

Changes to the 2015 FCX include the following:

- Think 2 internal cable routing – Pinarello’s Think 2 system makes the frame compatible with both mechanical and electronic groups. Each frame will come with a “widget kit” that will allow you to easily swap all the cable stops to either groupset of choice!

- Threaded Italian bottom bracket – not really a change, but Pinarello has kept the threaded BB on their cross frame, and we anticipate that it will stay this way for the foreseeable future – shop mechanics all around rejoice!