Open U.P SRAM Force Hydro 1x Bike

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Open U.P SRAM Force Hydro 1x Bike
Custom Build. Ships in 6-7 Weeks
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Complete Bike Disc Brake
Open U.P.
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Custom built in Greenville SC to be the most business like gravel bike ever. SRAM Force 1 x Hydro offers snappy shifting and powerful braking while the Boyd Kanuga 700 or 650b wheels are light, stiff and wide. 

We offer this bike in 700c  (29er)  or with 650c (27.5 )   Tires for the 700c are the WTB NANO and with the 650b the WTB Horizon 47. We would also build with a tire of your choice, leave us a note and we will swap the tires.

Open U.P Cyclocross/Gravel Frameset  promises to be one of the best ever gravel bikes. The product or true passion and heaps of experience the new UP has everything you could ever want from a cross or Gravel frame.

This custom  build is our best shot at a high performance/best value bike. The focus is the frame and group with the wheels and bar/stem/saddle all been items that might be upgraded. 

  • Frame/fork/headset: Open U.P 
  • Group: SRAM Force Hydro 1 x 11sp with Praxis Alba 1 x crank and BB SRAM Centerline Rotors & SRAM XG 1150 10-42T cassette
  • Wheels:  Boyd Kanuga 700 or 650b
  • Tires: WTB Nano Tubeless 40mm or WTB Horizon 47  both setup tubeless
  • Handlebar/Stem/Seatpost: Ritchey Comp
  • Saddle: Selle Italia SL Carbonio Mag Rail 
  • Handlebar Tape: Fizik Performance

 U.P.’s geometry is performance-oriented, so closer to a cross/road position than a mountain bike position. Combined with clearance to fit mountain bike and road/cross cranks, this gives you a comfortable and efficient position to far and fast on any terrain.

U.P. also fits the widest range of tires – even mountain bike tires – so not even the toughest conditions can stop you. We've placed a great emphasis on compatibility for U.P. The rear axle is 142x12 thru-axle so you can fit your 29er and 650b mountain bike wheels. The BB standard is BB386 EVO so you can fit virtually any crank you desire (rather important since the frame is meant to accept both mountain and cross/road cranks). Headset, seatpost, everywhere we've gone with the most common standards as long as they made sense.

 ThruThread dropouts

Most thru-axle frames are heavier than quick-release frames. Extra carbon for the dropouts, heavy hangers, and the axle itself. But they are stiffer, So what do you want most? The answer for most people is “both”, and so we introduce the first frames that combine a thru-axle with a lower weight. How?

  1. The ThruThread design uses the same threads that hold the thru-axle to lock the derailleur hanger into the frame. Simple, light, effective.
  2. We didn’t just redesign the dropout, the entire seatstay and chainstay design is optimized with the added stiffness of the thru-axle in mind.
  3. For the thru-axle itself, we choose the stiffest design available, the Syntace X-12.

afePost™ Pilot hole
Seatposts usually indicate a minimum insertion dimension. While it is important that there is enough seatpost inside the seatTUBE to support the former, it’s only half the story. The seatTUBE also needs to be supported properly, and therefore requires a minimum insertion. Simply make sure the seatpost is inserted past the SafePost Pilot hole AND past the minimum insertion stated on the post and you’re good to go.

TRCinTRS™ technology
 “100% hi-modulus carbon”, “aero-space grade”, etc. Useless – and hopefully false (we’ll get to that) – claims meant to impress you.

It’s not about high- or low-modulus, it’s about the right carbon in the right spot. And because the bike industry loves techie-sounding abbreviations, we’ll humor them and call it TRCinTRS™

Fact: stiffer carbon is more brittle. Strategically placed ultra-high-modulus carbon is a good idea. Making the whole headtube out of it when you have big impact loads is not!

The best lay-up is not 100% of one modulus; it’s a blend. We use the highest modulus (stiffest) carbon of any bike manufacturer where we can, and tougher grades of carbon where we must. That’s how our frames are both light and durable.

Bottom bracket: 386 EVO
Parts: MTB/cross/road for rear derailleur, cassette, chain. Road front derailleur direct, MTB via adapter
Frame weight: 1150g