Mavic Cosmic Elite Road Shoe Yellow 2018

Mavic Cosmic Elite Road Shoe Yellow  2018
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A fast and light shoe for road racing with double strap and boad dial. 

Light stiff carbon sole and new improved Mavic shoe last, these shoes have a great fit with a little more toe rooom and width at the forefoot

 Excellent fit

The Mavic Ergo Dial QR on top of the foot offers strong tightening with a micro adjustment with a quick and easy release The two Ergo Straps offer precise and easy adjustment The Endofit™ Tongue hugs the foot in just the right places for maximum comfort 

Enhanced energy transfer 
Drive your power into the pedals with the stiffness of the Energy Carbon Comp Outsole Index Energy Transfer: 60

Ready to race
The design lines inspire power and speed 

Energy Ride

Energy Carbon Comp Outsole

Ergo Ride
Mavic Ergo Dial QR
Endofit™ Tongue