Look 795 Blade RS Disc Chameleon Frameset

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Look 795 Blade RS takes it's place at the top of the line for one of the worlds most storied bike brands.

Stout and aero looking the 795 blade is light, aero and comfortable. Decades of development and tradition have gone into the geometry and the formula of the 795 is known and revered in the industry by all. Expect a light, stable and fast ride. 

Now with an adjustable aero seatpost (no more cutting), a normal crank (no zed cranks) and a better aerostem interface. 

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There was a time when aero road bikes only focused on aerodynamics, but this time has passed and the 795 BLADE RS is LOOK’s iteration of a bike that fulfills all road cyclists dreams.

 The 795 BLADE RS cuts through the air, provides unmatched stiffness to weight ratio in the aero bikes category and it maintains traction where other bikes fail thanks to an innovative rear triangle design and large tire clearance. Rim brake and disc brake versions are available so that no matter which braking system the cyclist prefers there will be a 795 BLADE RS for him.

 In summary, the 795 BLADE RS is packed with so many features that assure it is the fastest, smoothest and most versatile bike LOOK has ever made.




 A fast bike is a bike capable of transfering the highest percentage of the cyclist’s power to the road, creating forward motion.

 Our new 3S TECHNOLOGY is all about rear wheel traction. By creating longer and curved seatstays, having no bridge between them (on both rim brakes and disc brakes version) and optimizing the lay-up to allow some vertical movement while maintaining lateral stiffness of the rear triangle we give the cyclist not only traction but also comfort.

 One of the benefit of bringing traction and comfort in the rear triangle is that the bike does not rely on a flexible seat post, thus improving pedaling efficiency once again!


 LOOK was one of the first bike manufacturer to use Computational Fluid Dynamics software to optimize new bikes design. Now it seems a common thing, but you need a lot of experience to understand all CFD can do. Only an expert eyes can talk with the results of calculation. LOOK collaborates with one of the best Formula 1 Aerodynamicist in the World.:


 The 795 BLADE RS has been developped with cable integration and easy maintenance in mind. It is compatible with both mechanical and electronic groupsets and there are specific rim brakes and disc brakes framesets.


 4 Seatpost positions:

Off set from 54 mm to -6 mm seat tube angles from 71.8° TO 78.4°

 6 stem sizes:

From 80mm to 130mm


 Since LOOK’s beginning in the bicycle world when metals were king, our material of choice has always been carbon. For over 30 years LOOK has developed in its own factories a unique expertise and a vast know-how in the carbon field to reach specific desired properties.

 Once the optimal shapes had been created, our engineers work on the processes and on the carbon lay-up for each areas of the bike in a very precise manner in order to achieve our goal : the creation of a super fast bike that is not only fast by being aerodynamic but also light and stiff, all while offering superb traction.

 Carbon lay-up for us is key, it’s about selecting for each location the right fibers, right orientations, right thicknesses ( number of plys ), right reinforcements when necessary. For example, the bottom bracket area has to resist higher forces than the head tube does, the same goes for each part of the frame and fork, this is one aspect in which LOOK’s expertise makes a huge difference.


 The new 795 BLADE RS is made with a mix of different carbon fibres. We combine these fibres to optimize the different performance parameters.

 HM : High Modulus

 « High-end » fibers. Their stiffness rating is very high, about double that of HR. These fibers are used wisely because they are more brittle. HM fibers allow added stiffness with the lowest weight penalty.

 IM : Intermediate Modulus

 They have good resistance and fall somewhere between HM and HR of which they are a good complement.

 HR : High Resistance

 High resistance fibers are less stiff in elongation but can resist deformations and impacts better, they are very useful in high stress areas and also in areas where controlled deformation is beneficial to the ride quality of the bike.




Look 795 Blade RS has a lifetime warranty
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795 Blade RS
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