Discover the Feather-Light Lazer G1 MIPS Helmet

Lazer G1 MIPS Helmet

The Lazer G1 MIPS Helmet, is the epitome of cutting-edge technology, impeccable fit, and uncompromising safety. Say goodbye to heavy and cumbersome headgear, because this Belgian brand has revolutionized the game.

The G1, also known as the Lazer Genesis Helmet, sets a new standard as a lightweight climbing helmet, tailored to meet the needs of avid cyclists.

With remarkable enhancements in weight, ventilation, and design, this helmet stands apart from the crowd. Its feather-light construction will make you question if you’re even wearing it, while the impressive airflow ensures you stay cool during scorching summer rides.

Let’s deep dive into the best features of this fantastic helmet in our detailed review.

Lazer G1 MIPS Key Features of this Helmet

Here are the main features of this helmet at a glance:

Key FeaturesDescription
Lightweight DesignWeighing only 220 grams, the Lazer G1 MIPS is exceptionally lightweight, reducing strain during long rides.
Superior VentilationWith 22 vents and improved interior channeling, the helmet provides optimal airflow, keeping your head cool even on hot summer rides.
Streamlined DesignThe helmet has a sleek and minimalistic appearance, offering improved aerodynamics and a pleasing aesthetic appeal.
Rollsys Retention SystemLazer’s Rollsys system wraps around the entire circumference of the head, providing a customizable and secure fit.
MIPS Version AvailableThe MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) version of the helmet is available, offering enhanced protection against rotational forces during impacts.
Carry Bag IncludedThe package includes a carry bag for convenient storage and transportation of the helmet.
Crash Replacement ProgramLazer provides a crash replacement program, ensuring customers can replace their damaged helmet at a discounted price in case of an accident.
US and Europe VersionsLazer offers the G1 model for the US and Canada, adhering to CPSC safety certification, and the Genesis model for other regions, meeting CE-CPSC-AS safety standards.
Lazer provides a crash replacement program, ensuring customers can replace their damaged helmets at a discounted price in case of an accident.The Advanced Rollsys System (ARS) dial, located on the top of the helmet, allows for easy adjustments and is particularly helpful for individuals with ponytails or do-rags that tie in the back.

the Lazer G1 MIPS Helmet for Unmatched Performance

Lazer has taken the best features of their earlier model and refined them to create a helmet that stands out in terms of performance and user-friendliness. Let’s have a look at them in detail:

Weight and Ventilation

Cycle Helmet Weight and Ventilation

The Lazer G1 MIPS helmet sets a new standard for lightweight design, weighing in at just 220 grams. This makes it the lightest helmet in Lazer’s lineup, surpassing even the popular Z1 helmet by 25 grams.

Despite its feather-light construction, the G1 doesn’t compromise on ventilation. With 22 generously sized vents and enhanced interior channeling, this helmet ensures optimal airflow, providing a cooling sensation during hot summer rides.

Lazer claims an impressive 108% ventilation efficiency, although the inclusion of the MIPS slip plane might slightly reduce this figure.

Sleek and Streamlined Design

Sleek and Streamlined Helmet Design

The exterior of the Lazer G1 MIPS helmet exhibits a streamlined appearance reminiscent of the Z1 model. However, the G1 has a touch of minimalism, enhancing breathability without compromising aesthetics.

Its narrow profile ensures a snug fit, contouring to your head rather than appearing bulky on top. This sleek design not only enhances the helmet’s visual appeal but also contributes to improved aerodynamics.

Unique Rollsys Retention System

Unique Rollsys Retention System of Lazer G1 MIPS Helmet

As expected from a top-tier Lazer helmet, the G1 features its renowned Rollsys system. Unlike conventional helmet retention systems that tighten from the back, Rollsys utilizes a wire-based mechanism that wraps around the entire circumference of the head.

This comprehensive approach allows for a super adjustable and comfortable fit, ensuring the helmet stays securely in place throughout your ride.

It’s worth noting that the base of the retention system appears somewhat thin, raising concerns about potential damage if the helmet is improperly stored or handled.

MIPS Version and Safety Certifications

The Lazer G1 MIPS helmet comes in two versions: the G1 for the US and Canada and the Genesis for other regions. The US version adheres to the CPSC safety certification, while the Genesis model meets the CE-CPSC-AS standards used in Europe.

The slight weight difference between the two versions arises from the variance in safety certifications. Lazer has ingeniously optimized the Advanced Rollsys System (ARS) to reduce weight without compromising functionality.

The ARS system’s dial is conveniently positioned on top of the helmet, offering a more open rear area. This design feature benefits individuals with ponytails or those who wear do-rags that tie in the back.

Furthermore, the ARS dial’s ease of operation, even with thick winter gloves, sets it apart from small rear-mounted dials.

Additional Features and Benefits

Additional Features and Benefits

Alongside its standout features, the Lazer G1 MIPS helmet offers several notable extras. The package includes a carry bag, providing a convenient way to store and transport the helmet.

Lazer also offers a crash replacement program, assuring customers that they will be taken care of in case of an unfortunate accident.

These value-added benefits enhance the overall appeal and customer experience associated with the helmet.

Comparison and Real-Life Scenarios

Lazer G1 MIPS Helmet

When comparing the Lazer G1 MIPS helmet to similar products in the market, its lightweight construction, exceptional ventilation, and user-friendly Rollsys retention system set it apart from the competition.

However, it’s important to consider real-life scenarios where the G1 may fall short. The thin base of the retention system raises concerns about potential damage during storage or if mishandled. Thus, extra care must be taken to avoid any accidental mishaps.

Additionally, while the G1 excels in warm weather due to its excellent airflow, its performance in cold conditions might be less optimal due to the top-mounted ARS dial, which can be challenging to operate with thick winter gloves.

The target audience for the Lazer G1 MIPS helmet is cyclists who prioritize lightweight design, superior ventilation, and a comfortable fit. Road cyclists, in particular, will appreciate the helmet’s streamlined profile and aerodynamic qualities.

The G1 is ideal for summer rides or regions with hot climates, where its exceptional ventilation ensures a cool and comfortable experience.


Q. Is Lazer a good brand of helmet?

A. Yes, Lazer is recognized as a reputable brand of helmets. They offer a range of high-quality products with innovative features, making them a popular choice among cyclists for their performance, comfort, and safety.

Final Thoughts

The Lazer G1 MIPS helmet impresses with its key features, design, and functionality. Its lightweight construction, extensive ventilation, and unique Rollsys retention system contribute to a remarkable cycling experience.

While it may have some drawbacks in terms of the thin base of the retention system and usability in colder conditions, the helmet’s overall performance and added benefits, such as the crash replacement program and carry bag, make it an appealing choice for cyclists seeking a top-tier helmet.

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