Trail-Ready Brilliance – KS Lev CI Seatpost

Ready Brilliance - KS Lev CI Seatpost 

Are you in search of a dropper post that combines reliability, lightweight construction, and smooth action? Look no further than the KS Lev CI Seatpost.

Known for their extensive experience in the dropper-post game, KS has established a reputation for producing high-quality products. This exceptional review explores the extraordinary features and unrivaled performance that make this Seatpost a game-changer for trail riders.

Boasting a lightweight carbon fiber construction and the cutting-edge KS Recourse II cable system, the Lev CI seamlessly blends reliability, smooth action, and durability. Unparalleled on the trail, this dropper post delivers swift and flawless performance.

In our review, we are focusing on the unparalleled advantages that make the KS Lev CI Seatpost an indispensable asset for riders seeking the ultimate combination of form and function.

KS LEV-Ci Seatpost Key Specifications At a Glance

Here’s a table describing the key features of the KS Lev CI Seatpost:

ConstructionUtilizes carbon fiber casing for a lightweight and durable design.
Travel OptionsAvailable in five travel options, catering to different needs.
Recourse II CableIncorporates the innovative Recourse II cable system for smooth operation.
Seal CollarEquipped with a seal collar to prevent dust and grit from affecting functionality.
Hydraulic CartridgeEasy-to-replace hydraulic cartridge for long-lasting performance.
InstallationEffortless setup with optimal fit for various bike frames.
Return SpeedPerfectly balanced return speed for smooth and swift action.
Weight ReductionHelps shed approximately 200 grams from the overall bike setup.
ReliabilityBoasts unmatched reliability for uninterrupted trail riding.
PerformanceProvides exceptional performance, delivering a flawless experience on the trail.

Does KS Lev CI Seatpost Review: Worth the Hype?

Cyclists are going wild about this Seatpost. Is the hype worth it? Let’s find out.

Cutting-Edge Design and Unmatched Durability

Cutting-Edge Design and Unmatched Durability

The KS Lev CI Seatpost, KS’s lightest offering, utilizes a carbon fiber casing tailored for weight-conscious trail riders. It is available in five travel options, including a shorter 65-millimeter drop ideal for cross-country enthusiasts.

For our review, we tested the CI post with 175 millimeters of travel and an insertion length of 265 millimeters.

A standout feature of the Lev CI Seatpost is its use of unidirectional carbon and the KS Recourse II cable system. The Recourse II cable system, being lighter than standard braided steel cables, reduces the weight by 50 grams.

However, the post also features a seal collar that effectively keeps dust and grit at bay, ensuring smooth travel and long-lasting performance.

Additionally, the Lev CI comes equipped with a hydraulic cartridge, easily replaceable by any bike shop. While the retail price of $575 might be steep, the post’s weight of 428 grams justifies the investment for riders seeking top-tier performance.

Installation – Effortless Setup and Optimal Fit

Installation - Effortless Setup and Optimal Fit

Installing the Lev CI Seatpost on our Trek Fuel EX with a 31.6-millimeter seat tube proved to be a breeze.

Its overall length allowed for a deep insertion into the frame, achieving the desired saddle height. While attaching the cable to the bottom of the post required some finesse, the process was straightforward overall.

And the Southpaw remote, equipped with a barrel adjuster, played a crucial role in maintaining optimal cable tension.

On the Trail – Unparalleled Smoothness and Reliability

On the Trail - Unparalleled Smoothness and Reliability

The Lev CI Seatpost demonstrated exceptional performance on the trail, delivering smooth and reliable action.

Its return speed was perfectly balanced, a feat that many other dropper posts struggle to achieve.

Throughout our testing, we encountered no reliability issues, and the lever throw was calibrated perfectly, allowing swift activation of the travel without being overly sensitive.

Weight Reduction – Shedding Grams Without Sacrificing Durability

Weight Reduction - Shedding Grams Without Sacrificing Durability

While the Lev CI Seatpost may seem luxurious in terms of price, KS provides a more budget-friendly alternative in their Lev line.

However, for riders who value both durability and weight reduction, the Lev CI is worth every penny.

By choosing the Lev CI Seatpost, you can shed approximately 200 grams from your trail bike setup, significantly reducing overall weight without compromising the seat post’s durability.


Q: What is the weight of the KS Lev CI Seatpost?

A: The KS Lev CI Seatpost weighs approximately 428 grams, making it one of the lightest options available for trail riders.

Q: How many travel options does the KS Lev CI Seatpost offer?

A: The KS Lev CI Seatpost comes in five different travel options, allowing riders to choose the ideal drop length for their riding preferences.

Q: Is the KS Lev CI Seatpost suitable for cross-country riding?

A: Yes, the Lev CI Seatpost offers a shorter 65-millimeter drop option, making it an excellent choice for cross-country enthusiasts.

Q: What is the KS Recourse II cable system used in the Lev CI Seatpost?

A: The KS Recourse II cable system is an innovative lightweight alternative to standard braided steel cables, reducing the post’s overall weight by 50 grams.

Q: Can the hydraulic cartridge in the Lev CI Seatpost be easily replaced?

A: Yes, the Lev CI Seatpost is designed with a replaceable hydraulic cartridge, which can be conveniently swapped by any bike shop.

Q: Is the Lev CI Seatpost compatible with different bike frames?

A: Yes, the Lev CI Seatpost offers optimal overall length, allowing it to be easily installed in various bike frames, ensuring a perfect fit.

Our Final Thoughts

Overall, the KS Lev CI Seatpost stands out as an exceptional choice for riders in search of a lightweight and reliable dropper post.

Its carbon fiber construction, innovative cable system, and hydraulic cartridge ensure unparalleled performance on the trail.

Moreover, the weight reduction it offers is a significant advantage for those seeking to optimize their trail bike setup.

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