Kogel BB86 for 30mm Ceramic Bottom Bracket

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Kogel BB86 for 30mm Ceramic Bottom Bracket  is a great solution for using a 30mm on a BB86/92 frame given the bearings are pretty thin to accommodate the larger spindle

This bottom bracket fits almost any 30mm spindle crank on a BB86 (road) or BB92 (mtb) frame.

Before ordering, check that your crank spindle is long enough for the wider BB shell. Traditional BB30 (typically pre-2014) and Specialized FACT crank sets will have a spindle that is too short for the frame shell. 

Although the crank and frame dimensions are slightly different, the bottom brackets are the same between BB86 and BB92. Choose road seals for road use and cross seals for mtb, cyclocross or frequent riding on wet roads.