IBIS Rimpo Frame Performance

Ibis rimpo frame performance

In the world of mountain biking, where every pedal stroke and every twist of the trail demands precision and control, the performance of a frame is paramount. Enter the IBIS Rimbo Frame, a masterpiece of geometry and engineering that promises a riding experience like no other.

Much like the acclaimed Ripmo, this frame is designed to conquer the steepest trails and the most challenging terrains with ease. In this informative article, we are trying to understand why the performance of the IBIS Rimbo Frame is crucial for riders seeking the perfect blend of agility, stability, and control.

Why Should You Buy The IBIS Rimpo Frame?

Why Should You Buy The IBIS Rimpo Frame

The IBIS Rimpo is a perfect bike frame. Before discussing the performance, let’s check why you should consider buying this frame:

  • Ibis offers both aluminum (Ripmo AF) and carbon frame options for the Ripmo.
  • The Ripmo caters to a wide range of riders, with sizes available from small to XL, accommodating individuals from 5′ to 6’6″.
  • Experts highly praise the stock DVO shock and fork, alongside the exceptional performance of the DW-link suspension, particularly during descents.
  • This bike excels in climbing, seldom requiring the climb mode on the shock, thanks to its impressive power transfer efficiency in a seated position.
  • With its long wheelbase, the Ripmo provides excellent low-speed handling, ensuring riders enjoy control and stability.
  • The combination of a long wheelbase, extended reach, and short seat tube enables confident descending while maintaining a low, stable posture.
  • Riders benefit from a comfortable, centered position due to the steep seat tube angle.
  • Maxxis Assagai tires deliver outstanding traction on sandy and loose dirt trails.
  • The Ripmo is coil shock compatible, offering customization options for riders.
  • Ibis offers a lifetime warranty on the igus bushings integrated into the DW-link suspension.
  • The WTB Silverado seat and Lizard Skin grips are lauded by experts for their comfort.
  • The bike conveniently accommodates a water bottle.
  • Maintenance of the threaded bottom bracket is straightforward.
  • Experts hail the Ripmo’s versatility, making it suitable for everything from all-day backcountry rides to a mix of enduro adventures.

How Does the IBIS Rimpo Frame Perform?

How Does the IBIS Rimpo Frame Perform

The IBIS Rimpo Frame performs decently thanks to its decent geometry. Everything is within reach. But that doesn’t answer our question. So, we better check what type of riding this frame is suitable for. Also, we need to check the climbing and descending options.

So, let’s not wait. We better deep dive into the discussion.

The Balanced Geometry for Better Riding

The Balanced Geometry for Better Riding

When it comes to crafting geometry, Ibis has left no detail unattended. The Ripmo boasts a compact 432 mm seat tube that still accommodates the potential for a lengthy dropper post insertion.

In size L, the Ripmo impresses with its well-balanced 475 mm reach, while maintaining short 435 mm chainstays. The bike’s contemporary trail/enduro geometry is perfectly embodied by a 64.9° head angle, a 76° seat tube angle, and an unassuming bottom bracket height.

But don’t be fooled by its ordinary appearance; once you hit the trails, the Ripmo reveals its true prowess. Climbing becomes a breeze, with an ideal riding position that strikes a harmonious balance between flat terrain comfort and steep incline control. The Ripmo’s agile frame, lightweight wheels, and responsive freehub create a spirited ride, even in technical terrain.

While the Ripmo keeps you centered on downhill descents, it doesn’t quite achieve the seamless integration found in top-tier bikes. Despite its modest reach and reasonably slack head angle, the front wheel can feel a tad unsettled on level ground, demanding an active riding style to maintain control. In open, flat corners, a lack of caution can lead to swift front-wheel oversteer.

Excels in Conquering Climbing

Excels in Conquering Climbing

Ibis bikes have always excelled at conquering climbs, and the Ripmo V2 continues this tradition as an exceptional climber. The carbon fiber frame remains comfortable even when you’re pouring your energy into pedaling towards the peak. The Ripmo accelerates swiftly, inspiring riders to stand on the pedals and crank with determination.

Credit goes to the Ripmo’s DW-link suspension design, which maintains superb balance even on moderate climbs, whether you’re seated or out of the saddle. While the Ripmo AF shares the same geometry as the V2, it doesn’t match its climbing prowess, making the frame a worthy choice if you’re willing to invest a bit more.

Also, Shine in Descending

Shine in Descending

A bike’s full suspension capabilities truly shine on descents, and the Ripmo doesn’t disappoint. Its plush suspension promises an exhilarating downhill experience. With a 65-degree head tube angle, the Ripmo dances down descents with confidence.

From jumps and pump tracks to navigating rocks, roots, and sharp corners, the Rimpo handles it all exceptionally well. The updated geometry and suspension design make the Rimpo more playful and stable than the V1. It can handle challenges that most riders won’t even approach, and its responsive suspension allows you to choose between a coil or air shock.

Regardless of your shock choice, the Rimpo delivers the full benefits of its full suspension system. Thanks to the Traction Tune feature, bumps seem to vanish, and the rear shock keeps the rear tire planted for superior traction. Even aggressive riders will find that the Ripmo holds up admirably in rough terrain.

Ride Impression

Ride Impression

The new Ripmo, without a doubt, is exceptional. While no bike is flawless, the Rimpo earns a lot of love from riders. With talented riders in the saddle, the Rimpo is sure to shine on podiums.

It’s important to acknowledge that some sacrifices in anti-squat and climbing efficiency are made for improved rear-wheel traction. Nevertheless, the bike remains efficient and agile. On flat terrain, it feels like a slacked-out enduro machine, ready to conquer steep descents.

The extended wheelbase and increased reach enable riders to get low during descents, enhancing control and stability. The Ripmo offers various drivetrain options, ranging from the budget-friendly Deore variety to the top-of-the-line XX1 version, catering to a wide range of riders and preferences.


Q. How does the IBIS Ripmo frame perform in terms of climbing ability?

A: The IBIS Ripmo frame is an excellent climber, offering efficient power transfer and a comfortable riding position. It excels on both moderate and steep climbs, making it a versatile choice for riders.

Q. Can I use a long travel dropper post with the Ripmo frame?

A: Yes, the Ripmo frame provides enough insertion depth for a long travel dropper post, allowing you to customize your setup for optimal performance.

Q. What is the advantage of the DW-link suspension design on the Ripmo frame during climbs?

A: The DW-link suspension on the Ripmo frame offers exceptional balance and traction during climbs, whether you’re seated or standing, making it easier to conquer various terrains.

Q. Is there a significant difference in climbing performance between the Ripmo V2 and the Ripmo AF (aluminum frame)?

A: Yes, there is a difference in climbing performance between the two. The Ripmo V2 generally outperforms the Ripmo AF in climbing, making it a preferred choice for those prioritizing uphill capabilities.

Q. How does the Ripmo frame perform on descents and technical terrain?

A: The Ripmo frame shines on descents and technical trails. With its plush suspension, agile handling, and stable geometry, it provides excellent control and confidence when tackling challenging terrain.

Q. What are the benefits of the Traction Tune feature on the Ripmo frame during descents?

A: The Traction Tune feature enhances traction by quickly compressing and rebounding the rear shock, keeping the rear tire firmly planted on the ground for better control and stability on descents.

Q. What drivetrain options are available for the Ripmo V2 frame? 

A: The Ripmo V2 frame offers various drivetrain options to cater to different rider preferences and budgets, ranging from budget-friendly options like Deore to high-end choices like XX1.

Final Verdict

Rimpo has four models in the market. You can choose anyone. Of course, the aluminum frame and carbon frame do cater for different maintenance. However, the IBIS Rimpo performs pretty well for a frame.

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