ibis hakka mx gravel frameset

ibis hakka mx gravel frameset

Ibis Hakka MX – A Swiss Army Knife for Road, Gravel, and Singletrack Riding? The Ibis Hakka MX Gravel Frameset is an option that’s as versatile as they come.

With a history spanning over 35 years, this bike has evolved into a true masterpiece. Its lightweight carbon fiber frame, paired with a balanced geometry, delivers a smooth and comfortable ride.

But what sets the Hakka MX apart is its ability to handle it all – from smooth roads to rugged gravel and even challenging singletrack trails.

It truly lives up to its reputation as a “Swiss Army knife” of bikes, making it a top choice for adventure enthusiasts seeking endless possibilities. But that’s not all. In this review, we are mainly focusing on the features that make this an ultimate choice for performance enthusiasts.

Ibis Hakka MX Gravel Frameset Key Specifications At a Glance

Here’s a table describing the key features of the Ibis Hakka MX Gravel Frameset:

Frame MaterialThe Ibis Hakka MX Gravel Frameset is constructed with lightweight and durable monocoque carbon fiber.
GeometryWith a 72° head tube angle, 73.5° seat tube angle, and 430mm chainstays, it balances agility and comfort.
Tire ClearanceThe frameset accommodates both 27.5″ x 2.1″ and 700c x 40-45mm wheels and tires for versatile riding.
Wheel OptionsChoose between aluminum Stan’s Grail 700c rims or aluminum Ibis 733 27.5″ rims for excellent performance.
VersatilityIdeal for road, gravel, and singletrack, it excels in a variety of riding conditions, encouraging exploration.
PerformanceThe Hakka MX handles steep climbs, rocky descents, and technical trails with ease, instilling rider confidence.
HistoryPart of a lineage that dates back 35 years, the Hakka line represents Ibis’ commitment to quality and innovation.
Build OptionsAvailable in various sizes and three build options, catering to different preferences and budgets.
Price PointThe Hakka MX offers comparable performance to higher-priced models, making it accessible to a wider range of riders.
Ride ComfortWith a 70mm bottom bracket drop and 616mm stack height, it ensures stability and a comfortable riding position.

Ibis Hakka MX Gravel Frameset Review: Conquer the Unknown

Just as we said, this frameset is here to deliver the best riding experience. So far, the reviews are good. And once you have a good look at the features, you can tell why it’s so popular.

Frame and Geometry 

Frame and Geometry 

With an impressive weight of just 1,000 grams, the Ibis Hakka MX Gravel Frameset features a lightweight monocoque carbon fiber frame with a 1.5″ tapered head tube and a refined dropped chainstay.

And the T47 bottom bracket shell adds stiffness and offers a wide range of crankset possibilities, a notable shift from press-fit bottom brackets. The ENVE carbon fork with a 12x100mm thru-axle and the redesigned 12x142mm rear thru-axle meet modern standards.

Moreover, internal cable routing gives the Hakka MX a clean look, especially for Di2 users. However, those who prefer additional bottle mounts over a Di2 port on the downtube might need creative solutions for carrying gear.

Also, the bike’s geometry, with a 72° head tube angle, 73.5° seat tube angle, 70mm bottom bracket drop, 430mm chainstays, and 616mm stack, strikes a balance between a race-oriented feel and comfort for long rides.

Despite not being optimized for any specific type of riding, the Hakka MX lives up to its “Swiss Army knife” reputation. It handled various terrains exceptionally well, making it a versatile and capable choice for adventurous cyclists.

Tire Clearance and Wheel Options 

Tire Clearance and Wheel Options 

The Hakka MX’s standout feature is its generous tire clearance, accommodating either 27.5″ x 2.1″ or 700c x 40-45mm wheels and tires.

Riders can choose their preferred setup based on their preferences and the type of terrain they plan to conquer.

The bike comes with either aluminum Stan’s Grail 700c rims or aluminum Ibis 733 27.5″ rims, both offering excellent performance.

Ready for Any Adventure

Ready for Any Adventure

As the “Swiss Army knife” of bikes, the Ibis Hakka MX excels in various riding conditions, from relaxed road rides to nimble gravel jaunts and technical descents.

It is equally at home on paved roads, rough trails, and challenging singletracks.

From bike-packing adventures to local gravel races, the Hakka MX proves its prowess and encourages riders to push their limits.

Praised Performance

Praised Performance

Every summer, the Steamboat Ramble takes cyclists on a 200-mile journey through the breathtaking Colorado high country, boasting challenging climbs and scenic descents. For the event, the Hakka MX proved to be the perfect companion.

The bike’s lightweight frame and 2.1″ Schwalbe Thunder Burts tires handled the pavement and gravel roads with ease, providing a comfortable and fast ride during a particularly technical stretch known as the OG, the Hakka MX impressed with its nimbleness on climbs and stability on rocky descents.

On the final day, the 10-mile climb up Buffalo Pass felt effortless on the unloaded Hakka MX, questioning the rider’s affinity for heavier steel bikes.

Overall, the Hakka MX performed like a dream throughout the Ramble, excelling in speed, comfort, and confidence-inspiring handling on various terrains.


If your riding interests revolve around gravel and mixed-terrain adventures, the Ibis Hakka MX might be the perfect bike for you. Whether you enjoy riding on gravel roads, flowy singletrack, or paved connections, the Hakka MX’s versatility makes it an excellent fit.

Its ability to handle tire widths of 42mm or more ensures a comfortable and capable ride on varied surfaces.

For those who love bike-packing and embarking on multi-day trips, the Hakka MX is well-suited for both loaded and unloaded riding. Its lightweight carbon frame and balanced geometry make long-distance journeys enjoyable.

While not designed specifically for racing, the Hakka MX offers a performance-oriented design, making it suitable for enthusiastic riders who appreciate speed and agility.

While the Hakka MX can’t replace a specialized road or full-suspension mountain bike, it could potentially combine the capabilities of a cyclocross bike and a hardtail, making it a versatile and practical choice for various riding styles.

Build Options and Pricing 

Build Options and Pricing 

The Hakka MX is available in two colors and six sizes to suit most riders.

Ibis offers three build options: frame and fork alone, a complete SRAM Rival 1 build, and a complete Shimano Di2 build. 

The Rival 1 build, priced at $3,299, provides practicality and exceptional performance.


Q. How does the Hakka MX perform on steep gravel hills?

A: The Hakka MX delivers exceptional performance on steep gravel climbs, providing the necessary agility and control for challenging terrains.

Q. Can the Hakka MX handle rocky descents and technical trails?

A: Absolutely! The Hakka MX is designed to tackle rocky descents and technical trails with ease, instilling rider confidence in demanding situations.

Q. What makes the Hakka MX different from other gravel framesets?

A: The Hakka MX stands out for its versatility, tire clearance, and balanced geometry, making it suitable for a wide range of riding styles and terrains.

Our Final Thoughts

The Ibis Hakka MX Gravel Frameset stands out as a versatile adventure machine ready to conquer any riding condition.

Its lightweight frame, generous tire clearance, and adaptable geometry make it an outstanding choice for adventurous riders.

Ibis continues to deliver quality and innovation, making the Hakka MX a standard-setter in the gravel bike market.

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