Hed Belgium Plus White Industries T11 Custom Built Wheelset

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Handbuilt in Greenville SC, each pair laced and tensioned by hand using the very latest wheel building theory and tools.

 Hubs: The White Industries T11 hub stands out for it's reliability and smooth rolling bearings. Further, the T11 hub has considerably less side to side wheel flex than any of the other hubs we build  with.  We especially like the T11 for wider rim builds where brake  clearance is minimal and critical. 

  Rims: Hed Belgium Plus stand out as the ultimate rim for custom building. The combination of width, weight and rigidity make it the clear favorite to combine with such a great hub.

Spokes: We recommend these built with Sapim Laser lightweight butted spokes on the front for the utmost road feel and low weight, and the Sapim Force on the rear. The Force is a thicker, stiffer and ultra reliable triple-butted spoke. This combination creates a wheelset that has it all. Low weight, great looks and reliability, as well as rear wheel stiffness. We also offer the build with the CX-Ray bladed spoke.  The CX Ray is stiffer and creates a look of "lots of spokes" for this reason we recommend the round over the blades. 

Weight: 1539g for the 20/24 Sapim Laser/Force build. 

Control & comfort: The 25mm wide Hed rims combined with the Sapim spokes built at a high tension create a ride quality like no other. The spokes brace each other at the contact point of the cross and this makes the rims stiffer than most factory built radial wheels, yet the manner in which the wheels are laced makes them more comfortable to ride. 

Tubeless or clincher. The wider Hed rim can be used with either format. We have had great success with the tubeless tires and Stan's rim tape. 

Weight recommendations and build selections:

The 20/24 Laser/Force is suitable up to 165lbs, but with CX-Ray the 20/24 can be used by a rider up to 185lbs. This wheelset is ideal as a ride or race wheel set.

The 24/24 Laser/Force is suitable as a daily use wheel that will last many years and can be used by a rider up to 185lbs

The 24/28 Laser/Force is suitable for a heavier rider 185+ to race and train and can be expected to last many years.

The 28/28 Laser Force   is suitable for a heavier rider 185+ looking for more control from the front wheel. Ideal for sprinters or climbing steep inclines. This wheelset can be expected to last many years.

The 28/32 Force/Force is suitable for a rider who says to hell with weight: give me reliable, stiff, no-weight-limit wheel that can go the distance while still being fast.