Hed Belgium Plus Shimano Dura Ace 9000 Custom Built Wheelset

Usually Ships in 3-4 Weeks
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Here at Glory we believe nothing tops handbuilt wheels, and most pro riders feel the same: if you look carefully you will notice some of the top pros ride wheels that are in some way customized for them. We also love everything about Shimano Dura-Ace hubs. They are perhaps the best rolling hubs on the market, include skewers and have a fantastic sound. Not as many color and hole options as the King R45 and a few grams heavier but we find them to offer a stiffer wheel and smoother bearing.

Handbuilt 2 cross (2x) and 3 cross (3x) just seem to offer more control and comfort than factory built wheels and the ability to customize spoke pattern, spoke type and color to match your ride gives them the edge over mass produced factory wheels. With this in mind we created this set for everyday use, fast riding and some racing. The combination of the Hed rim and the King hub with the best spokes available: the Sapim Laser or CX-Ray makes for a wheel that's reasonably light, stiff, has some aero qualities, and is totally bombproof. To top it off, this build has numerous variables that allow you to customise for your weight and intended use. 

Hand built here in the Glory Cycles Greenville workshop buy Clive who has over 25 years of wheel building experience the wheels take on average 9-12 days before they ship out and every wheels is guaranteed for 2 years. Hed and King warranties still apply to the individual components. 

We offer the wheels in 5 standard builds but can do further customization if needed.  


Daily driver: 28H 2 cross front and rear. Ideal for the rider between 160 and 200lbs who wants one wheel for everything. 

Daily driver/weekend racer: 24H 2 cross Front 28H 2 cross rear. Ideal for rider between 140 and 180lbs who wants a wheel for everything and might use them to race. 

No Muss/No Fuss: 28H 2 x front 32H 3x Rear. Idela for rider between 170 and 230lbs looking for a wheel to be used daily and maybe for a race or two. 

Light Racer V2: 24H Radial Front 24H 2 x Rear. Similar to the Hed factory builds only the advantage of a better hub. This build is better done with Sapim CX Ray spokes for extra stiffness. Ideal for a rider 140 to 180 lbs (Sapim CX) and 120 to 160 lbs (Sapim laser/force)

Builds are done using: 

Rims: Hed Belgium Plus clincher (Clincher & Tubeless Ready)  

Spokes: Sapim Laser front and Force Rear  or CX-Ray bladed.

Nipples: Sapim Hex Loc Alloy

Hubs: Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 (skewers Included)

Rim tape is an optional extra. 

 Weight: 1595 grams for the Daily Driver set and 1557 for the Light Racer the handbuilts are aroud the same weight as the Fulcrum Racing 1 or Mavic Ksyrium Elite but they are considerably faster because of the Hed rim's aero qualities. 

Control & comfort: The 25mm wide Hed rims combined with the Sapim spokes built at a high tension create a ride quality unlike any other. The spokes brace each other at the contact point of the cross and this makes the rims stiffer than most factory built radial wheels, yet the manner in which the wheels are laced makes them more comfortable to ride. 

Tubeless or clincher. The wider Hed rim can be used with either format. We have had great success with the tubeless tires and Stan's rim tape.