HED Ardennes Plus Black Wheelset

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The Hed Ardennes Plus Black wheelset stands out as a alloy rim that keeps the all black wheel look with added braking power and the utmost reliability. Basically a bomb proof, light weight great looking wheel. 

As a whole, the Ardennes line are our most popular products - and standout performers in the world of bicycle wheels.  With that as a baseline, the Ardennes Black stands out from the crowd even further, as our flagship aluminum wheel.

Ardennes Black borrows the revolutionary Turbine Braking Technology of the Jet Black series and applies it to our 25mm-wide Ardennes Plus clincher. Translation? Outstanding braking in all conditions. Additionally, the consistency of stopping distances has improved by nearly a factor of five. That's not a typo.

To that, you can add all of the buttery-smoothness of the other Ardennes Plus wheels, with 25mm-wide rims, tubeless compatibility, perfect balance, and outstanding build quality.  The Ardennes Black is changing the way we view road wheels, and we think you'll agree.