Giordana SilverLine Bib Short

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Giordana SilverLine Bib Short
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Bib shorts have changed, $160 now get's you what was once out of reach. Giordana have been pushing the limits of design with the Silverline range for over 10 years. 

Classic Comfort and Compression

SilverLine garments showcase performance and value as only decades of expertise in manufacturing cycling apparel can. The SilverLine bib short is the culmination of that experience. Utilizing a classic Giordana cut that has evolved over decades of refinement; the resulting fit is comfortable and non-restrictive, yet supportive with the perfect amount of compression.

Textured Woven Fabric

The shorts are constructed of a textured woven fabric which wraps the leg with two panels. This supports the quad and the glutes separately and provides compression to reduce muscle fatigue as well as a cooling effect.  The core system stabilizes the short while accommodating the waist and hips for a comfortable fit that stays in place.


Bib Straps and Leg Cuffs

LoPro 0™ soft wide elastic-microfiber bib straps are seamless, comfortable and supportive and feature the 190 Mesh™ at the center of the bib uppers which moves moisture and keeps the body cool and dry. The leg cuffs are 4.5cm in width and are constructed of soft woven elastic, which stays in place while remaining soft and non-restrictive.


Rich Details

The short is richly finished with reflective striping at the back of each leg, Giordana rubber logo and the Cirro chamois.

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  • Classic Giordana cut; comfortable, non-restrictive, with compression for support
  • Woven, textured fabric with cooling effects
  • Two panel leg system for separate quad and glute support
  • Stabilizing core system
  • LoPro 0™ soft wide elastic-microfiber bib straps
  • 190 Mesh™ for breathability at the center of the bib uppers
  • 4.5cm non-restrictive leg cuffs of soft, woven elastic
  • Reflective striping at the back of both legs
  • Giordana rubber logo
  • Cirro chamois


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    Giordana Silverline Bib Shorts

    Posted by Vince on 6th Sep 2017

    These Giordana SilverLines are currently my favorite bib shorts. I have one in every color. I have not weighted them but these shorts feel extremely light when lifting by my fingers. These shorts have “rubber band” like straps, which lay flat and do not bundle up around my shoulders. Bands around my thighs feel just right with a slight compression. Wish legs were a little longer though, as they do have a tendency to pull up a little, especially on a cooler day without too much sweat. The fabrics look and feel high quality. The Cirro pad is probably the best part of the shorts, as it is extremely comfortable for longer rides. Not sure if it was intentional by design, but the front of the pad is sort of forming a “pouch” to cradle the family boy in place, so it does not move all over the place. The mesh panel on the back is minimum and feel nice. Another great feature is around the stomach area, where it lays low and can be pulled down effortlessly for a quick pee break. I hate those high waist bid shorts where I have yank it down hard and tear it to pee.

    Overall, these shorts are not perfect but I believe they are among some of the best out there. For a future version, I would like to see legs to be a little longer, perhaps 15mm longer. They could also put a little more compression in the fabrics. It would be nice to see more color choices, not just around thigh bands, but for panels as well. They are still missing a green band and an all-white band in this iteration. That is all the feedback I got for now.