Giordana NX-G Pink/Black Women's Chronosuit

Giordana NX-G Pink/Black Women's Chronosuit
NX-G Women
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Built for speed.

The NX-G Chronosuit spares no expense in delivering on speed and the evidence is in the attention to every detail. From the body mapped fabrics to the compressive legs and forearms, every seam, panel, and fabric choice was scrutinized and tested for optimum fi t and performance. When you need time on your side, partner with the Chronosuit.

Chronosuit features:

• Progressive gradual compression on legs and forearms

• Micro massaging for faster recovery

• Dimpled, lightweight fabrics

• Legs are 2cm longer than NX-G bib short

• Cirro C chamois is constructed to support more weight in the front

• Stretchable back zipper

• Wind tunnel and WorldTour tested