Giordana Lungo Short Sleeve Jersey Pink/Grey

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A perfect package for epic rides or every day, the Lungo Jersey has a slightly less aggressive fit with quick drying fabric and an unprecedented six pockets for use during casual rides or century style feats.

 The Refined Rider

Whether the goal is an easy coffee ride, a bucket list gran fondo, or a cycling tour though Chianti, the Lungo jersey is designed for epic rides or anytime you need the ability to carry extra cargo and it will accommodate excellently, and in style. Reflectivity featured on both cuffs, below the pockets and on the opening of the small sixth pocket. An easily maneuverable, color coordinated zipper, soft jacquard elastic waistband and rubber Giordana logos complete this rich jersey. For epic rides or anytime you need the ability to carry extra cargo.

 Cool and Dry

The fabric is soft and comfortable with excellent moisture management properties due to the specific weave of the interior and exterior, creating channels that move moisture away from the body to the outside of the jersey where it can evaporate.

 Hammerhead Shoulder Design

The back of the jersey features a modified hammerhead shoulder design which keeps the jersey in place while eliminating flapping or bunching.

 Six Pockets

Giordana’s unique six pocket design is the focal point of the Lungo jersey, with three rear pockets, two easily accessible side pockets, and a sixth non-zippered pocket for small items such as gels and bars. The main five pockets all benefit from the zipper lip which protects against the loss of valuables.


Reflectivity is also a star of this jersey, with reflective piping around both cuffs, below the pockets, and on the opening of the sixth pocket. The increased visibility is perfect for commuting as well as long rides that start before sunrise or go into dusk.

 Rich Accents

The Lungo jersey is richly finished with an easily maneuverable color coordinated zipper, rubber Giordana logos, and a soft jacquard elastic waist band.

  • Specifically designed for the refined rider who wants a technical jersey with a less aggressive fit
  • Perfect for casual rides, granfondos, and bike tours
  • Soft, fast drying material
  • Hammerhead shoulder design to reduce flapping and bunching
  • Designed for extra cargo
  • Six total pockets: three rear, two side and a sixth pocket for gels and bars
  • Reflectivity on cuffs, below the rear pockets and on the opening of the small sixth pocket
  • Easily maneuverable color coordinated zipper
  • Rubber Giordana logos
  • Soft jacquard elastic waist band