Fulcrum Wind 55 Disc Brake Wheeelset

Fulcrum Wind 55 Disc Brake Wheeelset
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The power of aerodynamics.

In describing a wheel for racing bikes like Wind 55 DB, you start with aerodynamics: it's time to try out on your bike how a refined and detailed profile can make the difference.

The 55 mm full carbon unidirectional circle, 27 mm wide, is the result of an endless cycle of tests, wind tunnel analysis and laboratory finishing. Then on the road, with the imperative of defeating as much as possible the influence of side winds on the ride.

And this is what you notice when you choose to run on Wind 55 DB: it cuts the wind, guarantees stability and consequently very high averages without tiring.

To complete this package, the 19-mm internal channel, 2-Way Fit ™, designed to offer the best support for tubeless tires and designed to best match the 25 and 28 mm sizes with the wide rim profile. Thanks to the Mo-Mag ™ technology, no conversion will be necessary, the wheel is ready for use even without a tube.

If "Aerodinamica" is the first word to think about to describe your new set of wheels, perhaps you should think of Wind as the first choice.


Tire: 2-Way fit (for clincher and tubeless)

Weight: 1680 g(Pair) 

Rim material: Full carbon, "UD" - carbon fiber finishing

Rim height: Front and rear: 55 mm

Rim width external 27 mm

Rim width internal 19 mm

Recommended tire size: From 23 mm to 50 mm

Brake type: Disc brake ceterlock AFS 

Axle: 12x100 front 12142mm Thru Axle.