Fulcrum or Campagnolo Shimano 11sp Freehub Oversized Axle

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Fulcrum or Campagnolo wheels can be converted to Shimano 11 speed with a simple freehub swap. No need to dish wheel.

For use with Shimano 11 and Shimano and SRAM 8, 9 and 10 speed cassettes

For use with Fulcrum and Campagnolo wheels that use OS-type axles and angular contact bearings

Also known as Campagnolo FH-BUU015X1, identical part

Replaces RS-013, FH-BUU015X, WH-KX890 and WH-KX89

Use in conjunction with HU9849 (FH-BO001) on hubs/wheels with non-cutout axles

Fits Fulcrum Red Wind XLR, Racing Speed, Light, Zero, 1 and 3 wheels, Campagnolo Bullet Ultra, Hyperon, Bora, Eurus, Neutron, Shamal and Zonda wheels and Campagnolo Record, pre-2007 Centaur and Daytona hubs

Select OS Axle for lose ball hubs for Campagnolo Shamal/Eurus/Bora/Hyperon or Fulcrum Racing Speed/Racing 1/Racing Zero wheels.

Select 12mm Axle for cartridge bearings hubs for Campagnolo Zonda/Scirocco/Vento or Fulcrum Racing 3/5/7




Removing Campagnolo or Fulcrum Freehub #campagnolo #baaw #fulcrumwheels

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