FSA Vision Metron 5D Integrated Handlebar

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FSA Metron 5D integrated handlebar takes the original FSA Plasma to a whole new level. 

Metron 5D integrated handlebar, the stiffest and most aero integrated handlebar and stem system.  FSA Metron 5D 
Mixing aerodynamics and ergonomics, the unique shape includes our Aero-Ergo central section. With a slight rise from the stem clamp and a 10 degree forward bend, the 5D accommodates the natural position of your arms for more comfort and easier breathing, while the wing-like shape of the bar top aids aerodynamics. Reinforced carbon fiber construction gives a great strength-to-weight ratio. The 5D features internal cable routing, with guides that accommodate wiring for electronic shifting.

Included in this sale: 

*Highlighted items not included. 

① Handlebar ② Stem Top Cover ③ Compression Bolt x1 ④ Expander x1 ⑤ Stem Screws x2 ⑥ Stem Nuts x2 ⑦ Rubber Insert (for 3P only) ⑧ Washers x3 ⑨ Lower Cover ⑩ Cover Screws x3 ⑪ 10mm Aero Spacer x1 (not for stem 100mm) ⑫ 5mm Aero Spacer x1 ⑬ 10mm Aero Spacer x2 ⑭ 20mm Aero Spacer x1 (Optional ) ⑮ Spacer for all headset x1 ⑯ Control Center Bracket for Garmin ⑰ Control Center Bracket for Standard ⑱ Control Center Bracket Screws x2


  • Continuous carbon composite construction
  • Aero-Ergo flat-top riser central section follows the natural arc of the arms with a 10-degree forward bend for more ergonomic climbing position and easier breathing
  • Cable groove compatible with new Di2 systems w/ larger internal cable tunnel
  • Reinforced and textured lever area
  • Color: UD carbon finish
  • Color graphic options: gray


  • Sizes: L100 x W400, 420, 440mm(c-c)
  • L110 x W400, 420, 440mm(c-c)
  • L120 x W400, 420, 440mm(c-c)
  • L130 x W400, 420, 440mm(c-c)
  • Compact 125mm drop
  • 80mm Reach
  • 2˚ outward bend
  • Weight: 395g (420mm)