Fizik Tempo Argo R1 Saddle

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The Fizik Tempo Argo is a short-nosed saddle designed to offer endurance cyclists greater stability and better weight distribution.

The Tempo Argo has been engineered to deliver a riding feel that suits the balanced geometry of today’s all-purpose road machines. Its short-nosed design and ergonomic cut-out relieve soft tissue pressure.

The padding is made from Fizik’s Type 2 foam formulation and is slightly thicker around the ischial sit bones area to support a more upright riding position.

The cushioning is softer and more progressive than the type used on Fizik’s racing saddles, providing long-distance comfort.

Tempo Argo R1 uses a carbon-rail and is available in two widths: 150mm or 160mm.


TEMPO ARGO R1 150/160

  • Length: 260 mm
  • Width: 150/160 mm
  • Weight: 195/202 g
  • Height at 75mm width: 43 mm
  • Length from nose to 75mm width: 103 mm
  • Rail: 10x7 mm
Tempo Argo