Fabric Accubar Tire Pressure Gauge

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Fabric Accubar Tire Pressure Gauge
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Tire pressure has become more critical than it ever was. Gravel and mountain bikes need to be fine tuned to exact pressure to get a consistent level of performance

The Accubar tire pressure gauge provides pinpoint pressure accuracy, delivering off-road excellence, in any condition. Specifically designed for mountain bike tires when accuracy under 40psi is essential. It even attaches to any pump for faster, easier, more accurate tire pressure, when it matters most.

  • Highly accurate, low pressure gauge
  • Works as standalone gauge, or use in-line with a pump
  • Optimized for low pressure / high volume tires
  • Large gauge for easy reading



Fabric Tire Pressure Gauge. Best in show. #gravelbike #mountainbike #cyclingtips

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