Everysight Raptor Electric Green AR Glasses

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Get the most out of your next ride with the new Everysight Raptor glasses. Containing Sensors that allow you to see both ride data and take pictures and videos as you go, the Raptor glasses really stretch the limits of what has previously been done with cycling glasses. 

Interchangeable visors for all seasons

  • Designed for maximum wind protection and minimum drag. Each pair of glasses comes with a replaceable dark tint visor that has been designed to protect against high mass and velocity impacts, and features AR and hydrophobic coatings that allow complete visibility while maintaining total privacy.

Unbeatable Battery Life

  • Up to 8 hours of power, and easily rechargeable through a Micro USB charger/cable.


  • Low weight of 98 grams. The light, well-balanced frames have an adjustable nose pad and adhesive rubber inserts for added comfort and grip. 


  • ANT+/Bluetooth Technology, built-in Wi-Fi

Water Resistant

Intuitive Touchpad Operations

Handlebar-Mounted Bluetooth Controller (sold separately) 

Rx Adapter Available for prescription lens compatibility (sold separately)

Ultimate Strength and Durability