Enve SES 4.5 Clincher Rim Set

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New from Enve and slotting right between the 3.4 and 6.7 comes the 4.5. The Enve 4.5 is expected to take it's place as the ultimate do it all wheelset for racers and rec riders alike. Fast, light and suitable for windy conditions the 4.5 is the one wheel that does it all. 
An evolution of our patented SES rim shape makes the SES 4.5 a dream wheelset for theperformance driven road cyclist and triathlete.  The SES 4.5 features uncompromisedaerodynamics, stability, lateral stiffness, braking, and cornering prowess. The SES 4.5 isextremely stable, making it the optimal choice for cyclists seeking confidence inspiringaero performance on the windiest of days.
The SES 4.5 maintains all of the same foundational technologies of theSmart ENVE System wheel line which include in-frame aero development,asymmetrical rim geometries, and molded texture braking surfaces.

 UCI Approved• Light-weight Evolutionary rim shape that yields unprecedented
stability and drag reduction in this depth category

 Molded in braking surface for optimal braking power,heat management, and modulation

 Best lateral stiffness of Smart ENVE System wheelmodels
Sold here as a rim set including front and rear rims, rim tape, brake pads and internal nipples.
Enve 4.5 rim ERD
Front 563mm Rear 545mm
Enve 4.5 rim Hole count 
Front 20H Rear 24H 
Enve 4.5 Rim Weight 
Front 469g Rear 489g 
Build Weight:
Set with DT Swiss 240 Hubs 1526g
Set with DT Swiss 180 Hubs 1479g
Set with King R45 Hubs 1511g
Weight is always a factor with wheels but the dufferences here are more about hub quality  that weight. Her at Glory we like the King and i9 builds best.


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    Great Performer

    Posted by Dimitri on 27th Oct 2017

    I have been riding these wheels for over a year. They perform well on ascents of the local canyons in Utah, the low weight and medium dish fly on the uphill. Making up time or drafting on the flats is where I really noticed the the 4.5's were a step above the wheels I was riding previously ( HED Jet 4). Although these wheels can slay it all, where they performed best was on the descents! Having stability you can trust while zooming down a canyon and knowing that when a turn comes you can trust the tracking of the wheels and really get into the turns. The 4.5's have just enough dish to feel the aero effects, but not enough that is catches cross winds. I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for a performance wheel set that can do it all.

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    Surprisingly light and aero - yet still

    Posted by William Friend on 29th Aug 2017

    These wheels are very fast and aero- combined with Sapiem CX-Ray spokes and White Industries T11 hubs they pick up speed very quickly on down hills - still stable and fast at high speed.