Is the ENVE Road Disc Fork with Speed Release Thru Axle Worth It? Review Inside

ENVE Road Disc Fork

In recent years, disc brakes have become increasingly popular in road cycling due to their enhanced efficiency and improved braking performance. However, one major drawback has been the time-consuming process of changing wheels due to the use of thru-axles.

ENVE and Mavic’s joint effort has given rise to the groundbreaking ENVE Road Disc Fork featuring the innovative Speed Release Thru Axle, offering cyclists a revolutionary and seamless solution for enhanced performance and convenience.

This innovative technology aims to address the challenges associated with wheel changes, providing cyclists with a quicker and more convenient experience.

And we are here to explore how they do it with their innovative technology.

ENVE Road Disc Fork With Speed Release Thru Axle Key Features

Here’s a table summarizing the key features of the ENVE Road Disc Fork with Speed Release Thru Axle:

Key FeatureDescription
Thru Axle SystemThe ENVE Road Disc Fork is equipped with a Speed Release Thru Axle, offering enhanced stiffness and precise wheel alignment.
Carbon Fiber ConstructionCrafted from high-quality carbon fiber, the fork ensures optimal strength-to-weight ratio, providing excellent performance and durability.
Road Disc Brake CompatibilityDesigned to accommodate road disc brakes, this fork delivers reliable and consistent braking performance in all weather conditions.
Tapered Steerer TubeThe tapered steerer tube enhances steering precision and stability, promoting a more responsive and controlled riding experience.
Internal Cable RoutingWith internal cable routing, the fork provides a clean and streamlined appearance while reducing aerodynamic drag for improved efficiency.
Versatile Tire ClearanceThe fork’s ample tire clearance allows for the use of wider tires, enabling riders to tackle various road surfaces with confidence.
Optimized Fork RakeThe carefully optimized fork rake enhances handling characteristics, striking a balance between stability and agile cornering capabilities.
Enhanced Vibration DampingThanks to carbon fiber’s natural vibration-damping properties, this fork absorbs road chatter, providing a smoother and more comfortable ride.
Lightweight DesignThe use of advanced materials and thoughtful engineering results in a lightweight fork, minimizing overall bike weight for faster accelerations.
Compatibility and CustomizationThe ENVE Road Disc Fork is available in various sizes and configurations, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of road bikes and allowing riders to tailor their setup to personal preferences.

ENVE Road Disc Fork with Speed Release Thru Axle Review

The Speed Release system, developed in collaboration with Mavic, provides a lightweight and efficient solution that maintains consistent torque and disc brake spacing. But there’s more. Let’s have a look at the bigger picture now.

How Speed Release Works

How Speed Release Works

The Speed Release system differs from traditional thru-axles in its design and functionality.

Unlike standard thru-axles that require complete removal from the hub, ENVE Road Disc Fork with Speed Release Thru Axle utilizes a stepped axle with a small spring and retention sleeve.

This design allows the thru-axle to remain inside the hub during wheel removal, eliminating the risk of misplacing or dropping parts. And the right side of the fork features an open dropout, while the opposite side has a regular threaded dropout.

This configuration enables cyclists to simply undo the axle and easily remove the wheel.

Advantages of the ENVE Road Disc Fork

Advantages of the ENVE Road Disc Fork

The ENVE Road Disc Fork with Speed Release offers numerous advantages that make it a game-changer in the world of road cycling. One of the key benefits is the significant reduction in wheel change time.

In professional races, where every second counts, the ability to quickly swap out a wheel can make a crucial difference. The Speed Release system allows for rapid wheel changes, ensuring that cyclists can get back on the road without wasting precious time.

Another advantage of the Speed Release system is its ability to maintain consistent torque on the thru-axle. This ensures that the disc brake spacing remains the same across multiple wheel installations.

Consistency in disc brake spacing is essential for optimal braking performance and overall safety.

With the ENVE Road Disc Fork, cyclists can have peace of mind knowing that their disc brakes will operate consistently, regardless of how many times they change their wheels.

Enhanced Practicality and Usability

Enhanced Practicality and Usability

The practicality and usability of disc brakes on road bikes have long been a topic of discussion.

While the advantages of disc brakes in terms of efficiency and braking power are well-known, the challenges of wheel changes have hindered their widespread adoption. 

However, the ENVE Road Disc Fork with Speed Release addresses challenges through its lightweight and convenient design, offering a promising solution for cyclists.

And the streamlined design of the fork, combined with the Speed Release technology, offers cyclists the best of both worlds: the benefits of disc brakes without compromising on practicality.

Compatibility and Versatility

Compatibility and Versatility

The ENVE Road Disc Fork is designed to be compatible with a wide range of components, ensuring its versatility for various cycling preferences.

It can accommodate any 12mm thru-axle hub, providing cyclists with flexibility in choosing their wheelsets.

Additionally, the fork offers clearance for up to 32mm tires, making it suitable for tackling gravel roads and rough terrain.

On top of that, the internal cable routing and one-piece carbon fiber construction further enhance the overall aesthetics and performance of the fork.

Independent Frame Builders and Consumer Appeal

Independent Frame Builders and Consumer Appeal

The ENVE Road Disc Fork with Speed Release is likely to be popular among independent frame builders who value adaptability and performance.

These frame builders often rely on ENVE forks for their builds, and the addition of Speed Release technology further enhances the appeal of the fork.

However, for the average consumer, the Speed Release system may be seen as more of a luxury than a necessity.

Nonetheless, the convenience and time-saving benefits of the ENVE Road Disc Fork are likely to attract a broad range of cyclists who value high-quality components and enhanced usability.


Q: What is the purpose of the Speed Release Thru Axle on the ENVE Road Disc Fork?

A: The Speed Release Thru Axle enhances the fork’s stiffness and ensures precise wheel alignment, resulting in improved handling and stability during rides.

Q: Can I install this ENVE Road Disc Fork on my non-disc brake road bike?

A: No, the ENVE Road Disc Fork is specifically designed for road disc brake systems. It is not compatible with bikes equipped with traditional rim brakes.

Q: How does the carbon fiber construction of the ENVE Road Disc Fork benefit cyclists?

A: The carbon fiber construction offers a perfect balance of strength and lightness, providing a more responsive ride while reducing overall weight for better acceleration and climbing performance.

Q: Is the ENVE Road Disc Fork compatible with both 12mm and 15mm thru-axles?

A: Yes, the fork is designed to accommodate both 12mm and 15mm thru axles, providing flexibility for riders with different wheel and frame setups.

Q: Can I use oversized tires with the ENVE Road Disc Fork?

A: Yes, the fork features generous tire clearance, allowing you to use wider tires, which enhances traction, comfort, and versatility on various road surfaces.

Our Final Thoughts

By addressing the challenges associated with wheel changes, this fork offers cyclists a quicker and more convenient experience.

With its compatibility, versatility, and enhanced practicality, the ENVE Road Disc Fork is set to redefine the road cycling landscape.

As the industry embraces this innovative technology, cyclists can look forward to experiencing the benefits of disc brakes without compromising on usability and performance.

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