Enve Alloy Road Hub Set Rim Brake

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An ENVE worthy road, gravel and cyclocross hub set designed and engineered to raise the bar of hub performance compared to current industry leading hubs by delivering more efficient wheel builds, improved power transmission, and reliability via a low maintenance design.

The ENVE Road Hubs feature a machined aluminum hub shell that minimizes weight while maximizing wheel stiffness. The rim brake front hub weighs 100g while the rear hub comes in at 252g. The disc brake front hub weighs 126g and the rear 250g. While these weights are for complete hubs, the hub shell itself is the primary opportunity for weight savings. The low weights of the ENVE Road Hub are accomplished via thoughtful machining as well as careful spoke hole placement. By pairing the spoke holes in the hub flange, it is possible to remove more material from the hub shell, reducing weight.

In terms of wheel performance, the hub shell’s geometry and design ensures both lateral and torsional stiffness. Lateral stiffness can be identified as side to side wheel flex. Torsional is fore and aft, or in real world terms, accelerating and braking. As hub designers we are limited to working within the box set by frame design and axle spacing. To maximize lateral stiffness we push the width of the flanges to the maximum possible and are careful to ensure that the flanges or spokes won’t contact calipers, derailleurs, and/or drop outs. To achieve a high level of torsional stiffness, the flange diameters come into play. If they are too tall, they can flex undesirably, or require adding material which increases weight. Too small and stiffness is reduced. Our flange diameters are refined to achieve what we believe is a perfect balance of stiffness and weight. 


  • Front Rim Hub: 100g, 20-hole, 37mm flange
  • Rear Rim Hub: 252g, 24-hole, 55mm flange
  • Front Disc Hub: 126g, 24-hole, 50mm flange
  • Rear Disc Hub: 250g, 24-hole, 55mm flange
  • Freehub options: Campagnolo, Shimano road, SRAM XDR (no re-dishing required when changing between freehub bodies)