ENVE Air Pressure Station

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The ENVE Air Pressure Station is an automatic digital inflator that helps to seat, and accurately inflate any tire to within a .5% of a psi or bar. The Air Pressure Station connects to your existing air compressor, or bottled air and mounts cleanly on any wall or surface for an instant upgrade to your garage, service shop, van, or trailer. The unit features a digital interface, three tire pressure presets, tubeless tire/flat tire override function for safe and efficient tubeless tire seating, and a mobile device scannable NFC tag that directs the user to ENVE’s latest tire pressure recommendation charts. Unit includes a 15 foot coiled air hose, fittings, and custom ENVE adjustable presta valve air chuck.


  • Air compressor or bottled air
  • Bottled air regulator (if using bottled air)
  • Compressed air supply hose
  • Air supply hose fittings
  • Wall mount hardware


The ENVE Air Pressure Station was developed with and made by American inflation experts Haltec. Taking their best in class inflation technology we proceeded to customize the unit to the needs of performance oriented cyclists. Tire pressure accuracy is the critical component to achieving your most confident ride. Finding the right pressure for your wheels is just the first step – but achieving a higher degree of accuracy than your typical floor pump is where your best ride can become realized. In a world where tire and rim volume has increased dramatically from road to mountain applications, a few psi can be the difference between riding in confidence, comfort, and control or not. Tubeless tire setup becomes easier as well with an inflation override button and function that provides three to five metered bursts of air to make seating tubeless tires simple and safe. Three programmable presets also provide quick access to your different bike’s and/or rider’s tire pressures.