Eddy Merckx Bikes – Which One For You?

Eddy Merckx Bikes

Five Tour de France and Giro d’ Italia victories, overall general classification victory at the Vuelta a Espana, and numerous classic wins, as well as winning the professional world championships three times – there is only one person who has these palmares – Eddy Merckx.

Just as impressive are the Eddy Merckx line of bikes. The Merckx collection spans road, gravel, cyclo-cross, time trial, track, and triathlon categories. Each bike in this category is unique and designed for that discipline: racing against the clock, sprinting for the win, or jumping barriers. Let’s take a look at what each category in the Merckx line-up.

Road racing is where it started for “The Cannibal” and naturally it was the first category that rolled out of the Merckx factory. Today there are eight different models, everything from a lightweight road racing machine, to a retro-cool steel machine that is nothing like it’s predecessors from years gone by.

Top Of The Line: EM-525

The top of the food chain in the road category is the EM-525, a monocoque carbon frame equipped with disc brakes. The EM stands for Eddy Merckx and the “525” references the amount of wins. Let that number sink in – five-hundred and twenty-five wins.

While the EM-525 is a full fledged race machine, there are two different geometries: Endurance and Performance. The Endurance geometry has a taller headtube and longer wheelbase to give the bike a more stable feel. That’s not to say it’s not a race bike, however it is designed in a classic geometry suited for the long roads of Europe.

The Performance geometry is an aggressive design with a shorter headtube and a geometry that carves turns and places the rider in a lower, aerodynamic position. If you’ve got the flexibility and feel the need for speed, the Performance option is the choice.

Field Sprint Ready: EMX-525

The EMX-525 is the stiffest bike in the Merckx fleet. However, this doesn’t mean it feels like you’re riding a board. The chainstays have a vibration damping kink that improves the overall compliance of the bike taking the edge off of road irregularities. Like the EM, the EMX is a carbon monocoque frame but only comes in a Performance geometry and is a mechanical braking only.

If you want a no-nonsense racing machine that excels in the sprint as well as the climbs, the EMX-525 is the bike.

Classic Racing Machine: San Remo76

Named after the a race that Merckx won an incredible seven times, the San Remo76 is a classic road racing bike designed for the roads of Europe. Like the EM and EMX, the San Remo is a full carbon monocoque frame and fork, and is one of the stiffest bikes in their catalogue.

As a result the San Remo isn’t as forgiving as the previously mentioned models and is considered a do everything, day in and day out type of machine. It can take the abuse of constant racing and doesn’t need to be handled with kit-gloves.

The frame is designed to cut through the wind and accepts a wider 25mm tire, which are proven to be more aero than skinny tires. Just like the classic it was named after – the San Remo 76 is a true classic bike and never disappoints.

Gran Fondos And Epic Adventures: Mourenx69

Looking for a bike that isn’t designed for the field sprint or the rigors of competition? The Mourenx69 offers a forgiving ride and is designed for that epic adventure. One of their more compliant bikes, the Mourenx69 is available in either mechanical or disc braking and can handle a 30mm tire. This is the perfect bike for a gran fondo – good looking, fast, yet still comfortable after many hours in the saddle.

Road Bike On A Budget: Sallanches64

Eddy’s first road rainbow striped jersey came as an amateur in 1964 at the Sallanches, France World Championships. Named after this victory, the Sallanches64 is a full carbon monocoque frame and fork, tipping the scale at a mere 990 grams.

Kitted out in either full Shimano Ultegra, 105, or Tiagra builds, the Sallanches64 is ideal for the beginning rider to the racer with a few seasons under their tires and wants the qualities of a Merckx designed bike. Some bikes at this price point aren’t designed for upgrades – the frame isn’t worth the expenditure.

However, the Sallanches64 is a fully upgradeable frame. Swap out the components to a better groupo or lighter wheels, and you have a bike that is World Tour ready.

Other than the years of experience behind the Merckx name, what separates these bikes from the rest of the field is that each is built using a complete group – not a hodgepodge of different parts in order to reduce the price by a few dollars. All this does is waterdown the quality of the bike. Merckx puts the quality of the ride before the price point, ensuring you get the best bike possible. 

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