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Deda VINCI stem can be used for a fully internal cable set up or can be used with external cable set up. This lighweigt alloy stem when used with the VINCI DNA carbon bar allows for all the brake and shipft cables to be hidden from sight. 

The VINCI stem can be used with a 1 1/8th stem top cap or a 1 1/4th top cap. Deda make both available for this stem. 

To make the semi-integrated Vinci stem work with fully internal cable routing, you need the special DCR headset. The name comes from Deda Cable Routing, and allows for complete internal routing of up to 4 cables (mechanical or electronic shift, mechanical or hydraulic brakes) when combined with a Vinci 

Stem inclides headset spacers. Does not include headset top cap and bearings. 




  •  Stem Body
  •  Stem Faceplate
  •  Headset compression screw M6x30 mm
  •  Aero top cap
  •  1”1/8 alloy sleeve
  •  Stem screw M5x18 mm and convex washer, 6 pcs
  •  5 mm Aero spacer (top spacer)
  •  5 mm Openable aero spacer
  •  10 mm Openable aero spacer
  •  20 mm Openable aero spacer
  •  Aero headtube cover (Top cover 56 mm, for 1,5" bearing)
  •  Aero headtube cover (Top cover 46 mm, for 1”1/8 bearing)
  •  Grey compression ring for ACR system (1,5" bearing 36°x45°)

Material: Alloy 2014

Steel, black
Handlebar diameter
31.7 mm
Fork steerer
1 1/4” (31,75mm), adapter included for 1 1/8”
(including the upper headset spacer), 40mm
Clamp Height
90 mm, 100 mm, 110 mm, 120 mm, 130 mm, 140 mm
Weight (110m)
polish on black