Colnago V3 Shimano 105 Disc Brake Bike

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Colnago V3 Disc Brake Frameset
Enjoy all the advantages of a monocoque carbon frame.

V3: the entrance door to the Colnago world of quality

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V3 design It blends technical solutions that aim at lightness with aerodynamic details. The line is clean and essential, it can be fitted with covers up to 28 inches. V3 is available in eight sizes and in a single version with disc brakes.
Weight: 950g
Material: Carbon Fiber
Seatpost Closure Much of the effort has been concentrated in this area of the frame, both to reduce the overall weight of the locking system and to increase its functionality, power and safety. The new locking system is therefore smaller if compared to that of the V2-r and C64, integrated into the frame and allows a greater modulation in tightening.
Headset The new disc version uses the exclusive TFS Integrated fork system. The cables pass entirely, internally to the Colnago Sr9 stem and then through the fork steerer. The frame is thus extremely clean and technically more aerodynamic.
Build Type:
Frameset Disc Brake