Chapter2 Tere Rim Brake Frameset Limited BRG

Chapter2 Tere Rim Brake Frameset Limited BRG
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Frameset Rim Brake
Tere Rim
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BRG has it’s origins in the Gordon Bennett Cup which Britain took place in for the 1st time in 1902. The cars of each competing nation were painted in the colours of their respective flags. But since the Americans had already been competing at the race since 1900, Britain had to chose a different tint.

In Britain’s first appearance at the event Selwyn Edge won the race and as the winner they could choose the setting of the next race. However, racing on the streets in Britain was illegal in those days and the race was subsequently held in Ireland and as a mark of respect the British car was painted a Shamrock Green.

Since 1950s and 1960s British teams such as Aston Martin, Vanwall, Cooper, Lotus, and BRM were successful in Formula One and Sports Car Racing in various shades of dark green.

In the 2000s famous marks such as Jaguar Racing (F1), Bentley (Le Mans), Aston Martin’s DBR9 were covered in BRG. Most recently, Lotus famously returned to F1 after a 16 year absence with the T127 F1 proudly adorned in BRG and Yellow.

As a mark of respect to this iconic hue on the eve of the OVO Tour of Britain- CHAPTER2 releases 15 hand painted framesets, each one uniquely numbered and accompanied by a much coveted SILCA® Seat Roll Premio.

TERE means “be quick, swift and fast” in Maori. TERE is a COMPACT-AERO frame designed to perform and look like a traditional road frame. However, each and every tube profile and transition has been aerodynamically optimized via collaboration with Auckland University Wind Tunnel, the same facilities where Team New Zealand tests their America’s Cup technology.

 The TERE has been designed with quality of ride in mind, and that means a well-balanced geometry, allowance for wider format tires and a carefully engineered Toray® carbon lay-up schedule throughout to deliver an engaging ride, letting you push beyond your limits and explore the road less traveled.
As with any new frame design project, the geometry is the foundation to an awesome ride. Using an extensive database of ergonomic data we were able to map out the ideal geometry that matches both the seasoned pro and weekend warrior. The TERE’s geometry has a linear stack and reach correlation from XS all the way to XL just like the human body. Married to this balanced geometry is a beautiful form factor that elevates the whole experience, employing vibration dampening chainstays and directional high tensile carbon in the BB and head tube areas for power transfer and steering “like it’s on rails”.
Whilst the TERE has been designed to be an all round performer, no short cuts have been taken to ensure that it is also aerodynamic without the inherent penalties of a pure aero road frame, such as excess weight and harsh ride quality. The fork crown has been seamlessly sculpted to the kamm-tail and ribbed head tube to increase the overall stiffness and aerodynamics.
The whole package is finished off with a compliant carbon seatpost, aerodynamically integrated seatclamp, internal cabling and a matching stem and headset to create an elegant yet exhilarating ride.
 Carbon - Toray® T700, T800 & 3K Directional Carbon.
Frame 5 Sizes: XS, S, M, L& XL
Frame Weight: 950g (540/M) +/- 3%
Fork: 390g (uncut) +/- 3%
Seatpost: 190g +/- 3%
Stem: 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 110mm and 120mm (+/-7°)
Headset: FSA Type No.42/ACB
BB: Press Fit BB86.5
Electronic Shifting: SHIMANO® Di2, SRAM® eTAP & Campagnolo® EPS compatible
Battery Type: Di2 SM-BTR-2 and EPS V3 Battery compatible
Rim Brake version: 25mm Tire clearance
Safety Standard: EN ISO 4210:2014
UCI Accreditation: UCI Approved


Saddle Rail: 6Nm
Integrated Seatclamp: 9Nm
Stem (Steerer): 6Nm
Stem (Handlebar): 6Nm
Front Derailleur Hanger: 3Nm
Rear Derailleur Hanger: 2Nm
BB Cable Guide Cover: 1Nm
Water Bottle Cage Bolts: 3Nm


C2 fork expansion bolt
Headset spacer kit