Defying Limits on the Road to Speed with The Cervelo S5 Frameset

The Cervelo S5 Frameset

The Cervelo S5 frameset is the ultimate choice for those seeking a race-ready dream build. With meticulous attention to aerodynamics and efficiency, Cervelo has crafted a road frameset that delivers unparalleled speed.

This achievement is evident in the S5 Disc Road Frameset, a testament to the years of dedicated work by Cervélo’s engineers in pursuit of aerodynamic perfection.

Along with the innovative TrueAero tube design and the two-piece V-Aero handlebar and stem, the combination is not only lighter but also saves an impressive five watts at 40kph compared to previous iterations.

Join us as we discover the exceptional features that position the Cervelo S5 frameset as a leading choice in road and race bikes.

Cervelo S5 Frameset Key Features

Here’s a table describing the key features of the Cervelo S5 frameset:

Key FeaturesDescription
Aerodynamic DesignMeticulously engineered for optimal aerodynamic performance.
Lightweight FrameConstructed with lightweight materials for agile handling.
TrueAero Tube DesignInnovative tube design reduces drag for increased speed.
V-Aero Handlebar and StemTwo-piece combination design for improved aerodynamics.
Integrated Downtube SectionAllows for convenient mounting of an electronic groupset battery.
Increased Tire ClearanceAccommodates up to 34mm tires for enhanced comfort and grip.
Clean Internal Cable RoutingProvides easy maintenance and a streamlined profile.
Versatile Groupset CompatibilitySupports both mechanical and electronic groupset options.

Push your Climbing Limits: Cervelo S5 Frameset Review

The Cervelo S5 frameset is a marvel of engineering, designed to push the boundaries of speed and performance. And our review is going to explain how it does such a thing.

Redefining Integration and Compatibility

Redefining Integration and Compatibility

Cervelo understands the importance of seamless integration and compatibility with different components.

At the forefront of innovation, Cervelo introduced the V Stem with the S5 frameset. This two-piece bar features a unique two-pronged stem that cleverly routes cables internally.

Plus, the front end of the frameset is held together by an array of bolts, toppers, and spacers, ensuring a streamlined and sleek appearance.

Well not over yet, the S5 frameset features clean internal cable routing, not only ensuring easy maintenance but also contributing to a cleaner and more aerodynamic profile.

Additionally, the integrated downtube section allows for the convenient mounting of an electronic groupset battery, offering a clutter-free appearance.

Simplicity and Adjustability

Simplicity and Adjustability

In the latest iteration, Cervelo has integrated the fork into a one-piece carbon design, eliminating the separate alloy topper found in its predecessor.

This revamped construction not only simplifies the assembly process but also allows for more precise adjustments.

With a single bolt securing the bars to each stem prong, tilting the handlebars to your desired position becomes effortless.

Reduced Weight, Amplified Performance

Reduced Weight, Amplified Performance

The Cervelo S5 frameset embraces a weight reduction strategy to enhance its performance on the road.

With the new fork design alone shedding 53g compared to its predecessor, every gram saved contributes to the S5’s impressive speed.

While it may not reach the coveted 6.8kg mark, the slight weight reduction amplifies its overall performance.

Cervelo’s calculations reveal a power savings figure of 8.3W at 48km/h, further attesting to the frameset’s aerodynamic prowess.

The S5 frameset demonstrates that even incremental weight reductions can make a notable difference in its speed and efficiency.

Defying Wind Resistance

Defying Wind Resistance

Cervelo is renowned for its commitment to aerodynamic excellence, and the S5 frameset exemplifies this pursuit.

Claimed to reduce drag by an impressive 21.3 watts when compared to its predecessor, this frameset is a true wind-cutting machine.

Cervelo achieves this feat by incorporating a deeper head tube and bottom bracket, along with revised wheels from their sister brand, Reserve.

The strategic use of varying rim depths and widths enhances stability, particularly in challenging crosswind conditions.

Geometry and Size Chart

Geometry and Size Chart

Seat Tube Length indicates the vertical distance from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat tube.

Effective Top Tube Length represents the horizontal distance from the center of the head tube to the center of the seat tube.

Head Tube Angle refers to the angle between the head tube and the ground. Stack indicates the vertical distance from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the head tube.

Reach represents the horizontal distance from the center of the bottom bracket to the center of the head tube. Select the size that best aligns with your body measurements and riding preferences.

SizeSeat Tube Length (mm)Effective Top Tube Length (mm)Head Tube Angle (°)Stack (mm)Reach (mm)

S5 or S5–Let’s End the Confusion

When comparing the old S5 to the new S5 frameset, there are crucial distinctions that set them apart.

The new S5 boasts a revamped front end, a simplified and more adjustable fork, stem, and headset assembly, resulting in improved aerodynamics and weight reduction.

Notably, the new S5 offers increased tire clearance, accommodating up to 34mm tires for enhanced comfort and grip.

With subtle yet significant tweaks, the new S5 addresses previous limitations and delivers exceptional handling and comfort, making it a standout choice for riders seeking a high-performance aero bike.

Designed for Speed, Engineered for Comfort

While the Cervelo S5 frameset is undeniably fast, it is also purposefully engineered to deliver a comfortable and smooth ride.

The meticulous development process considers the delicate balance between speed and rider comfort, resulting in a frameset that excels in both areas.

Whether you’re tackling a long-distance race or embarking on a spirited group ride, the S5 frameset will keep you at peak performance while minimizing fatigue.


Q: Is Cervelo S5 good for climbing?

A: While the Cervelo S5 excels in providing speed, its performance on steep climbs may not match dedicated climbing bikes like the Cervélo R5. The S5’s larger tires offer enhanced comfort and grip, contributing to speed on most terrains.

However, for racers focusing on double-digit grades, the Cervélo R5 or similar climbing-specific bikes would be a more suitable choice.

Q: How heavy is a Cervelo S5?

A: Weighing in at 8.03kg without pedals, the Cervelo S5 may be considered relatively heavy for a high-end road bike, especially considering its price.

However, the S5 defies its weight, feeling remarkably lightweight during rides, particularly at lower speeds and when accelerating.

Q: How deep is Cervelo S5 rim?

A: The Cervelo S5 features a set of carbon rims with wide external dimensions. The front rim is 35mm wide and 52mm deep, while the rear rim is 34mm wide and 63mm deep. These rims are built around Zipp ZR1 ST hubs.

Final Thoughts

The Cervelo S5 frameset represents the pinnacle of aerodynamic design, functionality, and performance.

Its revolutionary V Stem, enhanced fork and stem assembly, reduced weight, exceptional aerodynamics, tire clearance, seamless integration, and rider-centric comfort make it an unparalleled choice for those seeking the ultimate race-ready machine.

Join the ranks of champions and experience the thrill of speed and precision with the Cervelo S5 frameset. There should be no confusion anymore about what this frameset can do.

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