Cane Creek Hellbender 110 Bottom Brackets

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The Hellbender 110 BB provides an incredible mix of performance and longevity through the inclusion of Enduro XD-15 ceramic bearings. These bearings feature nitrogen infused stainless steel races that will not rust or corrode paired with Silicon Nitride ceramic balls. We are so confident that this bottom bracket technology is the highest standard of quality that it has earned the right to be called 110 and includes the lifetime guarantee that has become synonymous with the Cane Creek 110 name.

  • Materials: Machined Aluminum Cups
  • Finish: Dual Stage Anodize Black and Gold
  • Bearings: Ultra premium, Enduro XD-15 ceramic, radial bearings with nitrogen infused, stainless steel races
  • Spindle Diameter: 30mm only

Bottom Bracket Variations and Weights

  • BSA Threaded – BAI0179 – 80g
  • BB30 – BAI0180 – 93g
  • PF30 – BAI0181 – 115g
  • T47 – BAI0182 – 132g


  • Grade 3, Silicon Nitride, Ceramic Ball Bearings
  • Nitrogen Infused Stainless Steel Races 
  • XD-15 ceramic bearings utilize an advanced stainless alloy that is unique in its corrosion resistance and strength.
  • Kluber NBU52 grease only runs better and smoother with time and is highly resistant to being washed out.
  • Enduro VV Type Seals: Developed with the idea of  rolling as fast as possible, this dual lip configuration does  not make contact with the bottom of the machined groove.
  • Silicon Nitride Balls (Si3N4 material) are extremely dense; 60% lighter weight and 7 times harder than steel, friction is reduced to near zero.