Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12 speed disc brake groupset Review

Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12 speed disc brake groupset

With the evolution of cycling technology, the Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12-speed disc brake groupset stands out as a remarkable achievement in performance and quality.

As a renowned pioneer in the realm of racing bike transmission, Campagnolo has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation, and this latest offering is no exception.

The Super Record EPS range combines the exceptional lightweight design and unwavering reliability of its mechanical counterparts with cutting-edge electronic technology. The result is a drive system that not only meets but exceeds the demands of even the most discerning cyclists.

In this comprehensive review, we explore the remarkable features and functionalities of this game-changing gear system. 

Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12 speed disc brake groupset Feature Table

Here’s a table listing all the important features of this groupset:

Groupset TypeElectronic shifting, disc brake
Shifting SystemCampagnolo Super Record EPS (Electronic Power Shift)
Brake TypeDisc brake
Front DerailleurAuto-trim technology for precise and effortless front shifts
Rear DerailleurOptimized trajectory curve for smooth and accurate shifting
CranksetUltra-Torque technology for maximum power transfer
Chainring OptionsVarious options available for customizable gear ratios
Cassette OptionsWide range of cassette options for versatile gearing
Brake CalipersHydraulic disc brake calipers for reliable stopping power
Brake Rotor CompatibilityCenter Lock (140mm and 160mm)
ShiftersErgonomically designed for comfort and precise shifting
BatteryIntegrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery
ConnectivityBluetooth and ANT+ for wireless communication and customization
Software CompatibilityCompatible with MyCampy App for firmware updates and adjustments
WeightVaries depending on components
CompatibilityCompatible with Super Record EPS components and Campagnolo wheels
Warranty2 years

Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12 speed disc brake groupset

The Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12-Speed Disc Brake Groupset excels in precision, performance, and reliability. Is it really? Let’s find that out.

Evolutionary Electronic Power Shift (EPS) System

The Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12-speed disc brake groupset features an evolutionary Electronic Power Shift (EPS) system.

They have used artificial intelligence called Digital Tech Intelligence (DTI). And the EPS system converts the cyclist’s lever actions into digital signals.

As a result, you get the precise and coordinated movement of the front and rear derailleur. Shifting is reliable on this groupset. It’s actually better than ever.

Campagnolo Evolutionary Electronic Power Shift (EPS) System

Besides, the centralized electronics provide stability, while the On-Board Diagnostics automatically detect and display malfunctions for quick identification and resolution.

Overall, The EPS system represents a groundbreaking advancement in electronic shifting technology. And that’s a great feature that should be the first one to discuss.

Centralized Electronics and On-Board Diagnostics

This is also another benefit straight from the EPS system. The groupset comes with centralized electronics. This way, you get increased stability and reduce the risk of failure and breakdowns due to falls.

What’s more,, the system is equipped with an On-Board Diagnostic feature that automatically detects and displays malfunctions using different colors on an RGB-LED.

Thus, it allows cyclists to quickly identify and address any issues, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Personalize the Fit

The groupset includes the Super Record EPS DB Ergopower brake/shift levers. These levers integrate the brake and shifting functions into a single unit.

With their intuitive operation, you can easily shift gears and apply brakes without having to change your hand position. The levers also offer customizable reach adjustments, allowing you to personalize the fit for optimal comfort and control.

These levers allow seamless shifting and braking with a responsive feel, ensuring a confident and enjoyable ride.

Superior Braking Performance

Hydraulic disc brakes provide enhanced stopping power, allowing for more precise modulation and consistent braking in various weather and terrain conditions. The hydraulic system ensures efficient transmission of force, resulting in quicker and more responsive braking.

campagnolo superior braking performance

This groupset equips high-performance disc brakes that offer consistent braking performance in all weather conditions, enhancing safety and control on descents and challenging terrain.

Overall, the combination of hydraulic disc brake calipers and the flat mount design provides superior braking performance.

Efficient Shifting Experience

The Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12-speed disc brake groupset features high-performance Super Record EPS front and rear derailleurs.

These derailleurs work in perfect harmony to ensure smooth and precise gear changes. The front derailleur efficiently moves the chain between chainrings. On the other hand, the rear derailleur seamlessly transitions between the 12-speed cassette gears.

Therefore, the result is a seamless and reliable shifting experience, allowing cyclists to effortlessly find the right gear for any riding condition.

A Wide Range of Gearing Options

The Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12-speed disc brake groupset includes the Super Record cassette and chain.

Its Super Record cassette offers a wide range of gearing options with 11-29 or 11-32 tooth configurations, allowing cyclists to adapt to various terrains.

campagnolo a wide range of gearing options

Moreover, the cassette ensures smooth gear transitions and optimal power transfer. Paired with the Super Record chain, which provides durability and efficient pedaling, these components contribute to seamless and reliable drivetrain performance.

Made for Budget-Conscious Cyclists

Its advanced features and functionality cater to the needs of experienced riders, competitive athletes, and enthusiasts who demand the utmost precision in their shifting and braking systems.

Furthermore, the groupset’s electronic shifting, precise gear changes, and powerful disc brakes make it an ideal choice for those seeking a top-of-the-line cycling experience.

While the high-end pricing may deter budget-conscious cyclists, the Super Record EPS groupset remains a preferred option for those who value exceptional performance and are willing to invest in top-quality components to elevate their cycling performance to new heights.


#1. What is the difference between Campagnolo Super Record and Record?

Ans: The differences between Campagnolo’s Record and Super Record 11-speed groupsets are minimal, with occasional exclusions of carbon fiber and titanium. This leads to a slight weight difference of 48 grams in the crankset and a more affordable price point for the Record groupset.

#2. How much does a Campagnolo Super Record 12-speed disc brake groupset weigh?

Ans: The Campagnolo Super Record 12-speed disc brake groupset weighs 2.041kg, offering improved ergonomics and efficient brake power transfer.

#3. How thick are Campagnolo disc brake rotors?

Campagnolo disc brake rotors have a thickness of 1.85mm, ensuring durability and maintaining their integrity during intense and prolonged braking.


As you can see, the CAMPAGNOLO SUPER RECORD EPS 12-SPEED DISC BRAKE GROUPSET offers plenty of great features. 

But it’s possible due to the advanced technology used in the groupset. The evolutionary EPS system gives this groupset an edge over its competition. Not just that, this groupset is a perfect option for budget-conscious riders.

Blending technology with real-life scenarios is obviously a smart and bold move. And they have done great.

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