Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12 spd Disc Brake Shifter & Caliper Set

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Campagnolo Super Record EPS  12sp Disc Brake Shifter & Caliper Set - Sold as a set, two levers, two brake calipers. Does not include brake fluid and brake rotors

New electronic EPS Super Record™ 12x2 Speed DB controls: more ergonomic, more precise, more powerful and easier to maintain.

The shape and functionality of the new Ergopower EPS 12-speed stem from meticulous studies carried out to guarantee the most efficient and effective ergonomics possible. The shape of the updated brake lever with its new 12-speed design is the result of painstaking studies into hand ergonomics carried out in the Campy Tech Lab to ensure that, together with positioning of the downshift lever, the cyclist has an intuitive, practical, comfortable "control center". The Ergopower Super Record EPS DB controls incorporate the AMS (Adjustable Modulation System), which allows setting of the desired mode and reach adjustment to position the brake lever an optimum distance from the handlebar.

Multishifting technology, namely the option to change several sprockets with in a single shift is now applied to all the 12-speed cassettes. Cyclists can use the MyCampy app to personalize the new Super Record EPS groupset to shift up or down by a maximum of 11 sprockets with a simple click. Again developed thanks to close collaboration between Campy Tech Lab and pro cyclists sponsored by Campagnolo, Multi-Dome technology has achieved the perfect balance between force used and tactile feedback, allowing cyclists to feel when a gear shifts. The Ergopower control also offers the cyclist total control over how the transmission works thanks to the MODE button (found immediately behind the downshift lever on both right and left-hand controls). The MODE button lets the cyclist check battery charge, make accurate adjustments to gears or derailleur (even while pedaling) and carry out any kind of diagnostic check.



The controls offer good, safe grip when standing pedaling or when leaning high on the handlebars

Quick shifting

When the chain engages immediately, the derailleurs can be actioned with minimum effort and in any position on the handlebars


An unexpected climb, a sudden sprint: instantly finding the right combination takes no time at all thanks to the multiple action of the control


Shaped cushioning and an adjustable reach make these controls perfect for any cyclist, regardless of hand or finger size.



381 gr. each 



Super Record 12sp EPS