Campagnolo Super Record 12 spd Disc Brake Shifter & Caliper Set

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Campagnolo Super Record 12sp Disc Brake Shifter & Caliper Set - Sold as a set, two levers, two brake calipers. Does not include brake fluid and brake rotors

New mechanical Ergopower Super Record™ 12x2 Speed DB controls: more ergonomic, more precise, more powerful and easier to maintain.

Comfort, control, speed and responsiveness are some of the main features of a bike's controls, helping keep all situations under control. The new mechanical controls for the Ergopower Super Record™ 12x2 Speed DB disc brakes offer an ergonomic, comfortable and safe support and grip thanks to Vari-Cushion technology, essential for those who stay on the saddle for several hours.

The controls’ inner workings are a concentration of technology and experience, starting with the “one lever-one action” function, which assigns each lever a single function, helping avoid shifting errors at tired or distracting moments, and then continue with the multiple shifting option which allows up- or downshifting by up to 5 sprockets at a time thanks to the Ultra-Shift mechanism. This function allows you to maintain cadence even in case of sudden changes of incline or rhythm, with speed and ease as useful as it is surprising. Further useful features are the levers’ adjustability, which, thanks to Reach Adjustment, enable a low grip on the brake lever, helping those with smaller hands; and AMS Adjustment, which enables shifting time modulation, using the dedicated levers.


  • Comfortable support
  • The controls can be safely and securely gripped when riding out of the saddle or on the tops of the handlebars.
  • Quick shifting
  • The immediate shifting allows operation of the derailleurs with minimal effort, from any position on the handlebars.
  • Multiple shifting
  • A sudden climb, a lightning-fast movement: finding just the right ratio takes but a moment thanks to the multiple action shifters.
  • Ergonomics
  • The contoured support and reach adjustment mean these controls can be used by all cyclists, regardless of the size of their hands and fingers.
Super Record 12sp