Campagnolo Super Record 12 Speed Rim Brake Groupset Review

campagnolo super record 12 speed rim brake groupset

With a legacy rooted in Italian craftsmanship and engineering excellence, the Campagnolo Super Record 12-speed rim brake groupset takes center stage as one of the best gear systems around.

Designed for those who crave unmatched performance and a touch of distinction, this groupset offers a flawless fusion of lightweight construction and unwavering durability.

Each component of the Super Record groupset is a testament to Campagnolo’s tireless pursuit of innovation, incorporating cutting-edge materials and expert craftsmanship.

This exceptional blend of technologies places the Super Record 12-speed rim brake groupset in a league of its own.

In this detailed review, we’ll explore the extraordinary features that make the Campagnolo Super Record 12-speed rim brake groupset a true masterpiece.

Campagnolo Super Record 12 Speed Rim Brake Groupset Features

Here’s a table outlining the key features of the Campagnolo Super Record 12-speed rim brake groupset:

Key FeaturesDescription
Number of Gears12
CompatibilityRoad bikes with rim brakes
MaterialsCarbon fiber, titanium, aluminum alloy
Front DerailleurAn ultra-Torque system with ceramic bearings
Rear DerailleurCarbon fiber outer cage with ceramic bearings
CranksetUltra-Torque titanium axle, carbon fiber cranks
ChainUltra-Link chain with Ni-PTFE anti-friction treatment
Cassette11-29 or 11-32 tooth options, constructed with steel and titanium
ShiftersErgopower shift levers with carbon fiber body and reach adjustment
BrakesDual-pivot skeleton design with titanium screws, adjustable brake pads
Brake LeversErgopower levers with carbon fiber body and reach adjustment
Bottom BracketErgopower levers with carbon fiber body and reaches adjustment
PedalsNot included in the groupset, compatible with Campagnolo pedal systems
WeightLightweight design for enhanced performance
Shifting TechnologyUltra-Shift system for quick and precise shifting
ErgonomicsComfortable and ergonomic design for efficient and effortless shifting
Compatibility with other componentsCompatible with Campagnolo Super Record and Record components
Finish OptionsAvailable in various finishes, including black and silver
WarrantyCampagnolo offers a warranty for its groupsets

Dominating the Roads: Campagnolo Super Record 12 Speed Rim Brake Groupset

Campagnolo offers a wide array of features. What makes it stand out? Let’s find out.

Ultra Shift Ergopower Dual Levers

The Campagnolo Super Record 12-speed rim brake groupset boasts the Ultra Shift Ergopower dual levers, setting a new standard for control and customization.

One standout feature is the two brake lever positions, which allow riders to find the ideal lever-to-handlebar distance for their hand size.

ultra shift ergopower dual levers

This adjustment maintains consistent braking efficiency while preventing any potential contact with the handlebar curve. Operating the controls is straightforward and safe, enabling riders to fine-tune the lever position effortlessly.

Comfortable and Secure Grip

The Vari Cushion technology ensures a comfortable and secure grip, perfect for those long hours in the saddle. The “One Lever, One Action” feature assigns each lever a specific function, reducing shifting errors during moments of fatigue or distraction.

Additionally, the Ultra-Shift mechanism enables multiple shifting, facilitating up to three sprocket upshifts and five sprocket downshifts for swift and precise gear changes.

Dual Pivot Brake Caliper

The Campagnolo Super Record groupset excels in providing impeccable braking performance with its Dual Pivot brake calipers. Designed to conquer steep slopes and achieve high speeds with confidence, these calipers deliver exceptional modularity and braking power.

They ensure the shortest braking distance, allowing riders to maintain total control even during demanding descents.

dual pivot brake calipers

Leveraging Campagnolo’s expertise in brake pad compounds and the exclusive Super Record shifting system, these calipers guarantee the precise transmission of braking power.

The titanium screws contribute to the overall weight reduction and aesthetic impact.

Effective Power Transfer

The Campagnolo Super Record 12-speed rim brake groupset incorporates the Ultra-Torque TI Carbon crankset, a true testament to the innovation and lightweight construction.

The crankset utilizes Hollow Technology to reduce weight without compromising on strength. The Ultra-Torque bracket system, featuring a titanium axle, effectively transfers power from the cyclist’s pedal stroke to the drivetrain.

Chainring’s Innovative Design

This crankset provides optimal chain line alignment with rear hub flanges measuring 130, 135, or 142 mm, making it compatible with various frame configurations, including those with or without disc brakes.

The ceramic CULT ceramic bearings provide a smooth and efficient ride, enhancing the overall performance that Campagnolo is renowned for.

The outer chainring’s innovative design enables faster and quieter derailing, thanks to its contoured pin. The symmetrical teeth on the inner chainring enhance stability during chain crossovers.

chainring's innovative design

Carbon fiber usage in the crank arms, combined with the standard double B.C.D. (112 and 145 mm), reduces weight, while eight fixing screws increase structural stiffness.

The different pin configurations on the chainrings cater to each specific combination (50/34, 52/36, and 53/39 teeth), optimizing upshifting by providing improved free strokes. The inner chainrings feature special drains on the inside, enhancing downshifting performance in dead spots.

Technological Advancements on Front Derailleur

The Campagnolo Super Record 12-speed front derailleur introduces a range of technological advancements for seamless and efficient shifting. The leverage systems incorporated in its design facilitate quick and effortless derailing, reducing the effort required for shifting.

The split front connecting rod prevents contact with the travel limit screw, further enhancing the shifting experience. The shape of the inner cage plate ensures smooth and reliable upshifting, while the monolith carbon fiber body enhances chain movement efficiency during ascents and descents.

Consistent with the Super Record groupset’s aesthetic, the front derailleur features unidirectional carbon fiber and titanium stop screws.

Micro-adjustments, accessible through the Ergopower controls, prevent any contact between the chain and derailleur, even during maximum crossover situations.

The upper connector rod and the double fixing position of the control cable enable the use of tires up to 32 mm, providing versatility for various road conditions.

Innovation on Rear Derailleur

The Campagnolo Super Record 12-speed rear derailleur represents the epitome of engineering excellence and performance. Employing 3D Embrace technology, this rear derailleur cradles the smaller sprockets with utmost precision, ensuring optimal chain traction at all times.

innovation on rear derailleur

This innovation boosts shifting speed, power, and accuracy while maintaining an ideal distance from the sprockets.

The redesigned rocker arm is optimized to work flawlessly with sprockets ranging from 11 to 34 teeth, eliminating the need for multiple versions.

The upper body of the rear derailleur is constructed from a technopolymer plastic reinforced with carbon fiber, resulting in a robust yet lightweight component.

Campagnolo Super Record Cassette

Campagnolo’s commitment to enhancing the rider’s performance is evident in the Super Record 12-speed cassette. Overcoming the challenge of adding an extra sprocket, this cassette maintains the same dimensions as the 11-speed version while delivering improved performance and durability.

Besides, the addition of the 12th sprocket enables precise upshifts and downshifts by a single tooth, offering riders the ability to fine-tune their gear ratios for any riding situation.

campagnolo super record cassette

The close spacing of the sprockets ensures faster, quieter, and more accurate shifting, aided by the specially designed tooth profiles and surface treatment.

Additionally, the six larger sprockets are available as single-piece steel triplets to prevent energy loss. Mounting the cassettes is hassle-free, thanks to matching-thickness spacers.

Seamless Transmission System

The Campagnolo Super Record 12-speed chain underwent a comprehensive redesign to work seamlessly with the entire transmission system.

The primary objective was to reduce its overall dimensions, accomplished by employing new pins that align perfectly with the links’ outer surfaces. This approach led to a chain width of just 5.15 mm, enabling smooth operation within the drivetrain.

Moreover, the Ultra Link system makes sure the chain’s durability and safety, while a specialized treatment enhances smoothness and precision during shifting.


Q. Is 12-speed faster than 11-speed?

A: The narrower spacing of the 12-speed cassette enables faster shifting compared to the 11-speed.

Q. Can I use a 12-speed crankset with an 11-speed?

A: While some have used a 12-speed chain on an 11-speed crankset, it’s recommended to upgrade the crankset when investing in a new 12-speed groupset for optimal compatibility and performance.

Q. Can I use any 12-speed chain?

A: Chains have narrower widths to match specific drivetrain configurations, so you cannot use a 12-speed chain with an 11-speed sprocket set.


The Campagnolo Super Record 12-speed rim brake groupset caters to the specific needs of discerning riders who demand uncompromising performance. The lightweight components and superior functionality give it a super boost.

Its user-friendly features, powerful braking, and precise shifting make it a top choice for riders looking for the ultimate riding experience.

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