Gear Up for Success with Campagnolo Record Ultra-Torque Bottom Bracket

campagnolo record ultra torque bottom bracket

When it comes to cycling components, Campagnolo is a name that is synonymous with quality and performance. One such product is the Campagnolo Record Ultra-Torque Bottom Bracket.

Their attention to detail and commitment to innovation is evident in every product they produce. Its compatibility with various Campagnolo chainsets, ease of installation, and lightweight design make it a top choice for cyclists looking to enhance their riding experience.

With proper maintenance, this bottom bracket can last for years, providing you with reliable and efficient power transfer.

This review highlights the bottom bracket’s features, benefits, compatibility, and installation process for a detailed understanding.

Campagnolo Record Ultra-Torque Bottom Bracket Key Features

Here’s a table describing the key features of the Campagnolo Record Ultra-Torque Bottom Bracket :

Bottom Bracket TypeThe Campagnolo Record Ultra-Torque Bottom Bracket is a high-quality, integrated bottom bracket designed to fit road bicycles.
MaterialConstructed from premium materials, the bottom bracket is made to ensure durability and reliability in demanding cycling conditions.
Ultra-Torque TechnologyThe bottom bracket incorporates Campagnolo’s Ultra-Torque technology, which enhances power transfer efficiency and reduces lateral movement.
CompatibilityIt is compatible with Campagnolo Record and Super Record cranksets, providing seamless integration and optimal performance for road cyclists.
Sealed BearingsEquipped with sealed bearings, the bottom bracket ensures smooth rotation and effectively protects against dirt, water, and contaminants.
Axle DiameterThe bottom bracket features a specific axle diameter to ensure precise fitment with compatible cranksets, promoting stability and performance.
Easy InstallationDesigned for ease of installation, the bottom bracket comes with user-friendly components and instructions, allowing cyclists to set it up quickly.
WeightThe product boasts a lightweight design, minimizing additional weight on the bicycle while contributing to the overall efficiency of the ride.
LongevityThanks to the high-quality materials and sealed bearings, the Campagnolo Record Ultra-Torque Bottom Bracket is built to withstand long-term use.
AestheticsWith its sleek and polished appearance, the bottom bracket complements the overall aesthetics of the bike, adding a touch of elegance to the setup.

Campagnolo Record Ultra-Torque Bottom Bracket Review: Unleashing Cycling Excellence

This bottom bracket is the ultimate option for your cycling excellence. Let’s have a look at the features first to get a good idea about its functionalities.

Enhanced Performance and Durability

Enhanced Performance and Durability

The Campagnolo Record Ultra-Torque Bottom Bracket is designed to provide optimal power transfer and efficiency. The smooth operation of the bottom bracket ensures that every bit of your pedaling effort is translated into forward motion.

This can result in improved speed and performance on the road.

On the other hand, made with precision and attention to detail, this bottom bracket is built to withstand the rigors of regular cycling. With proper maintenance and care, it can last for many years, providing you with a reliable and durable cycling component.

Compatibility with Various Chainsets

Compatibility with Various Chainsets

As mentioned earlier, the Campagnolo Record Ultra-Torque Bottom Bracket is compatible with a range of Campagnolo chainsets. Such as Campagnolo Record and Chorus 11-speed Ultra Torque chainsets, as well as 10-speed Centaur and Veloce Ultra Torque chainsets.

This means that even if you decide to upgrade your chainset in the future, you can still use the same bottom bracket and this versatility adds value to your investment and allows for future customization options.

However,  It comes as a pack of two cups, offering a simple and straightforward installation process. The cups are lightweight, ensuring they don’t add unnecessary weight to your bike. 

Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining the Campagnolo Record Ultra-Torque Bottom Bracket is a breeze.

Regular cleaning and lubrication will ensure smooth operation and extend the lifespan of the bottom bracket.

Campagnolo provides detailed maintenance instructions with their products, making it easy for you to keep your bottom bracket in optimal condition.

Installation Process

Installation Process

Installing the Campagnolo Record Ultra-Torque Bottom Bracket is a relatively straightforward process. Below is a detailed step-by-step guide to assist you with the installation process:

  • Start by removing the old bottom bracket cups from your bike frame. Ensure you have all the required tools at hand before proceeding with the installation.
  • Clean the bottom bracket shell thoroughly to ensure a proper fit for the new cups.
  • Apply a small amount of grease to the threads of the new cups to facilitate smooth installation.
  • Insert the cups into the bottom bracket shell, ensuring they are aligned properly.
  • Use a bottom bracket tool to tighten the cups securely into place. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s torque specifications for your specific chainset.
  • Once the cups are properly installed, you can proceed with installing the crankset per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Double-check the tightness of the cups and crankset before taking your bike out for a ride.


#1. What type of bicycles is the Campagnolo Record Ultra-Torque Bottom Bracket suitable for?

Ans: The bottom bracket is designed specifically for road bicycles.

#2. Can I use this bottom bracket with non-Campagnolo cranksets?

Ans: No, the Campagnolo Record Ultra Torque Bottom Bracket is compatible only with Campagnolo Record and Super Record cranksets.

#3. Does the bottom bracket come with sealed bearings?

Ans: Yes, the bottom bracket is equipped with sealed bearings, ensuring smooth performance and protection against debris.

#4. Is the bottom bracket easy to install for DIY enthusiasts?

Ans: Yes, Campagnolo has designed the bottom bracket for easy installation, and it comes with user-friendly instructions.

#5. What is the weight of the Campagnolo Record Ultra Torque Bottom Bracket?

Ans: The bottom bracket features a lightweight design to minimize additional weight on the bike.

#6. Can this bottom bracket fit any bottom bracket shell size?

Ans: No, it is designed specifically for bottom bracket shells compatible with Campagnolo Ultra-Torque bottom brackets.

Final Thoughts

The Campagnolo Record Ultra-Torque Bottom Bracket is a high-quality component that offers exceptional performance and durability.

So why wait? Upgrade your bike with the Campagnolo Record Ultra-Torque Bottom Bracket and experience the difference it can make to your cycling journey.

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