Campagnolo Record H11 Mechanical Disc Brake Groupset Review

Campagnolo Record H11 Mechanical Disc Brake Groupset

The highly versatile SHIMANO RX 810 2x Crankset revolutionizes your cycling performance. This exceptional crankset offers a range of features that allow you to tailor its operation to your preferred style.

With adjustable settings, including two pad-engagement options and a gear combination of 48-31T, you’ll have the freedom to optimize your cycling efficiency. Not only that, but the SHIMANO RX 810 also provides an additional hand position with its extra 8mm hood height.

In this review, we will discuss all the remarkable features ensuring you have all the information you need for an informed decision.

Campagnolo Record H11 Mechanical Disc Brake Groupset Features In Short

Here’s a box table summarizing the key features of the Campagnolo Record H11 Mechanical Disc Brake Groupset:

Key FeatureDescription
Hydraulic BrakingThe Campagnolo Record H11 Mechanical Disc Brake Groupset features hydraulic disc brakes, offering powerful and consistent braking performance. The hydraulic system ensures reliable stopping power in all conditions.
Precise ShiftingThis groupset delivers precise and smooth shifting thanks to its meticulously engineered components. The shifting mechanism provides quick and accurate gear changes, enhancing overall cycling efficiency.
Ergonomic DesignDesigned with ergonomics in mind, the Campagnolo Record H11 Mechanical Disc Brake Groupset offers a comfortable and intuitive user experience. The levers and hoods are shaped to fit the hand naturally for enhanced control.
LightweightCrafted with lightweight materials and a careful design, this groupset offers a balance between strength and weight savings. The reduced weight contributes to improved bike handling and increased agility on the road.
DurabilityBuilt to withstand the demands of rigorous cycling, the Campagnolo Record H11 Mechanical Disc Brake Groupset is constructed with high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting performance and reliability.
Wide Gear RangeWith a wide range of available gears, this groupset allows cyclists to tackle various terrains and gradients. The gear range offers options for both high-speed sprints and comfortable climbing, catering to different riding styles.
Aerodynamic DesignThe groupset features an aerodynamic design that reduces wind resistance, enhancing overall bike performance. The sleek and streamlined components contribute to improved speed and efficiency on the road.
Easy MaintenanceThe Campagnolo Record H11 Mechanical Disc Brake Groupset is designed for easy maintenance, with accessible components that can be serviced and adjusted without hassle. This ensures hassle-free upkeep and optimal performance.
Compatible OptionsThis groupset offers compatibility with a range of bike frames and configurations. It can be seamlessly integrated into various road bikes, making it a versatile choice for cyclists looking to upgrade their current setup.

Campagnolo Record H11 – Features Details

Campagnolo is ambitious with this mechanical groupset. They are claiming is performs better than Shimano or SRAM. Maybe the claims are not that ambitious once we break down all the features in this review. Let’s go.

Has the anticipated H11 Disc Shifters/Brakes

Campagnolo H11 Disc Shifters/Brakes are the perfect blend of Italian passion and German engineering. Born from a collaboration between Campagnolo and Magura, these components mark Campagnolo’s foray into the realm of disc brakes.

Has the anticipated H11 Disc Shifters

To earn the esteemed “Campagnolo Corretto” certificate, the H11 Disc Shifters/Brakes have undergone rigorous testing and emerged with flying colors. It’s guaranteed you’ll receive extreme precision, reliability, and safety.

Shifting and Braking Performance

The Ergopower Shifters of the H11 groupset feature a height increase of 8 mm compared to the rim brake version. But don’t worry, this subtle adjustment doesn’t compromise the sleek aesthetics.

Compagnolo’s this Ultra-Shift mechanism allows for lightning-fast gear shifts, effortlessly moving up three gears or down five with a single click. With the double curve in the brake lever, accessing the brakes from any position on the handlebars is swift and secure.

Additionally, the H11 shifters feature a modern outward flare, aligning seamlessly with contemporary road bike handlebar designs.

The H11 Disc Shifters/Brakes boast a completely new internal design specifically tailored for hydraulic brakes. Additionally, an adjustable Modulation System empowers riders to fine-tune the level of free throw on the lever according to their preference.

Another thing, the use of non-toxic and environmentally friendly mineral oil ensures eco-consciousness.

Enhancing Performance

The Campagnolo H11 Ultra-Torque crankset is meticulously engineered to accommodate bikes with a rear drop-out spacing of 142 mm. With a clever 2.5 mm outward correction to the chain line, the H11 crankset optimizes the movement of the chain across the cassette.

Also, the crankset’s Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD) has been standardized, allowing for effortless compatibility with various chainring combinations such as 50-34, 52-36, and 53-39. This means cyclists have options for switching from a double to a compact crankset without the need for purchasing new cranks.

Enhancing Performance

With the XPSS (eXtreme Performance Shifting System) chainrings contribute unparalleled efficiency, ensuring lightning-quick and precise shifts, even under heavy load.

Front Derailleur: Carbon Construction for Unmatched Stiffness

We are impressed as the outer half of the cage is crafted from a single piece of carbon, delivering enhanced stiffness and razor-sharp downshifts.

This front derailleur boasts a capacity of 16T and supports chainrings ranging from 34T to 55 T. Its carbon and aluminum construction strikes a perfect balance between weight reduction and durability, weighing in at just 78 grams.

Compagnolo’s this redesigned upper structure, reinforced with techno-polymer and carbon, along with the raised teeth on the upper pulley and rounded teeth on the lower pulley, ensures smooth and precise front shifting.

Rear Derailleur: Optimized Design for Hydraulic Groupset

In the rear derailleur’s upper structure has undergone careful redesigning, integrating techno-polymer and carbon materials to achieve a harmonious balance between weight and durability.

Optimized Design for Hydraulic Groupset

Moreover, the upper pulley is engineered with raised teeth to enhance shifting accuracy, while the lower pulley incorporates more rounded teeth for improved chain engagement and stability. 

Chain: Uncompromising Quality and Efficiency

The high-quality Campagnolo Record 11-speed chain lives up to the stringent standards set by Campagnolo components. The ULTRA-LINK Chain Link design ensures improved safety and extended service life.

In addition, the ULTRA-LINK Chain Links minimize wear on the chainrings and cassette while maximizing power transfer efficiency, delivering a smooth and efficient pedaling experience.

With its anti-friction NI-PTFE treatment, the chain reduces friction and noise, promoting a quiet ride while enhancing durability.

Weighing in at 239 grams and comprising a minimum of 112 links, the Campagnolo Record chain exemplifies the brand’s commitment to top-tier performance.

Ultra-Drive Technology for Superb Shifting

The Campagnolo Record 11-speed cassette showcases the remarkable Ultra-Drive technology. The cassette combines eight steel cogs with a nickel/chrome finish and three titanium cogs. So, there will be no compromise on durability.

With its lightweight aluminum spider, the cassette remains robust and reliable while significantly reducing overall weight and the Ultra-Drive system guarantees smooth and precise shifts.


Q. What is Campy H11?

A. Campy H11 refers to the carbon hydraulic levers featured in all Campagnolo disc groupsets above Potenza.

Q. Are all H11 the same?

A. Not all H11 bulbs are the same. There are two mounting styles: H11A and H11B, distinguished by the orientation of the tabs on the base.

Q. What is the difference between H11b and H11?

A. H11 headlight bulbs are typically used for fog lights or similar front lights, while H11b bulbs are designed specifically for low-beam headlights. Due to their different purposes, these two bulbs are not interchangeable.


The Campagnolo Record H11 Mechanical Disc Brake Groupset revolutionizes the cycling experience with its flawless combination of aesthetics, performance, and innovation.

From the impeccable design of the H11 Disc Shifters/Brakes to the precise shifting of the H11 Crankset and accompanying derailleurs, every component has been engineered to exceed expectations.

While its higher price point may deter some, those who invest in this groupset will undoubtedly unlock a new level of cycling excellence.

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