Ride Like a Pro with Campagnolo Record 12-Speed Rim Brake Groupset

campagnolo record 12 speed rim brake groupset

The Campagnolo Record 12 Speed Rim Brake Groupset has generated a significant buzz in the cycling community.

With its introduction, Campagnolo has not only added extra gear but also managed to enhance the overall performance of its flagship Record and Super Record groupsets.

Not to mention, with its seamless transition to a 12-speed system, improved ergonomics, and impressive performance, this groupset stands out as a top choice for cyclists seeking the ultimate riding experience.

This review aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the groupset, highlighting its key features and benefits for users.

Campagnolo Record 12 Speed Rim Brake Groupset Key Features

Here’s a table describing the key features of the Campagnolo Record 12 Speed Rim Brake Groupset:

Key FeatureDescription
12-Speed GearingThe Campagnolo Record groupset offers a precise and smooth 12-speed gearing system, providing cyclists with a wide range of gear options for any terrain.
Rim Brake TechnologyDesigned with high-performance rim brake technology, this groupset ensures reliable and responsive braking power, enhancing control and safety on the road.
Carbon ConstructionThe components of the groupset are constructed with lightweight and durable carbon materials, optimizing overall performance while reducing weight.
Ultra-Shift ErgonomicsThe groupset features ergonomically designed shift levers that allow seamless and effortless gear changes, ensuring comfort and precision during rides.
Dual Pivot BrakesEquipped with dual pivot brake calipers, this groupset provides consistent and powerful braking force, allowing for quick deceleration and smooth stops.
Ultra-Torque CranksetThe integrated Ultra-Torque crankset enhances power transfer efficiency, providing riders with increased pedaling efficiency and improved performance.
Hollow TechnologyHollow crank arms and chainrings are utilized, further reducing weight while maintaining structural strength, resulting in enhanced acceleration and speed.
Optimized Chain DesignThe chain is optimized for smooth and silent performance, reducing friction and ensuring precise shifting, contributing to an overall seamless riding experience.
Ergopower Brake LeversThe groupset’s Ergopower brake levers are designed for enhanced control and comfort, allowing cyclists to maintain a secure grip during challenging rides.
Precise Front DerailleurThe front derailleur is engineered for precise and reliable shifting between chainrings, offering smooth transitions and minimizing chain drop risk.
Multi-Shifting SystemThe groupset incorporates a multi-shifting system that enables quick and accurate gear changes, enhancing rider efficiency and adaptability to changing terrains.
Ceramic Bearing OptionsFor those seeking top-tier performance, the groupset provides optional ceramic bearings, reducing friction for a smoother ride and improved durability.

Campagnolo Record 12 Speed Rim Brake Groupset Review

Now, we look at the features that make this groupset so good:

The Transition to 12 Speed

The Transition to 12 Speed

One of the remarkable aspects of the Campagnolo Record 12 Speed Rim Brake Groupset is the seamless transition to a 12-speed system. Unlike other manufacturers, Campagnolo has achieved this without requiring a new freehub.

Cyclists can use 9-12 speed Campagnolo on the same freehub, making it a convenient upgrade option.

Another advantage of the Record 12 Speed Groupset is that it maintains the existing chainring options from the previous generation. Cyclists can choose from 53-39, 52-36, and 50-34 chainring combinations, providing versatility for various riding styles and terrains.

Furthermore, Campagnolo has not introduced any new bottom bracket standards with the Record 12 Speed Groupset. This ensures compatibility with existing frames and allows cyclists to seamlessly upgrade their drivetrain without worrying about incompatible components.

Rear Derailleur and Cassette Options

Rear Derailleur and Cassette Options

When it comes to the rear derailleur, Campagnolo offers a single option with the Record 12 Speed Groupset. This simplifies the decision-making process for cyclists, as they can focus on other aspects of their bike setup.

The single rear derailleur is designed to provide precise and reliable shifting, ensuring a smooth and efficient ride.

In terms of cassette options, Campagnolo offers two choices: 11-29 and 11-32. These cassette options provide a wide range of gear ratios to accommodate different riding preferences and terrains.

Whether you prefer a closer ratio for fast-paced road races or a wider range for tackling challenging climbs, Campagnolo has you covered.

Improved Performance and Reliability

Improved Performance and Reliability

The Campagnolo Record 12 Speed Rim Brake Groupset offers several notable improvements in terms of performance and reliability.

In addition, extra gear allows for smoother and more precise shifting, enhancing the overall riding experience. The closer sprocket spacing in the cassette makes shifting faster and quieter, while also improving the durability of the drivetrain components.

Campagnolo’s dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail is evident in the Record 12 Speed Groupset. The components are designed to withstand the demands of rigorous cycling, providing long-lasting performance and reliability.

Whether you’re a professional racer or a passionate cyclist, the Campagnolo Record 12 Speed Rim Brake Groupset is built to deliver exceptional results.

The Record vs. Super Record Dilemma

The Record vs. Super Record Dilemma

Campagnolo offers two tiers of groupsets: Record and Super Record. While Super Record is positioned as the top-tier option, the differences between the two are minimal.

The total weight difference between the Super Record Disc and Record Disc is just 130g, making Record an attractive choice for those looking for a similar performance at a more affordable price point.

With identical 12-speed cassettes and rim braking components, the Record Groupset provides excellent performance without the additional cost associated with the Super Record tier.

Unless you have unlimited funds or ride for a professional team, the Record Groupset offers exceptional value for money.

Cassette Options and Performance

Cassette Options and Performance

The Campagnolo Record 12 Speed Rim Brake Groupset offers two cassette options: 11-29 and 11-32. The choice of cassette depends on your riding preferences and the terrain you typically encounter.

However, the 11-29 cassette provides a wide range of gear ratios, allowing for smooth transitions between gears. The incremental one-tooth jumps up to the seventh sprocket ensure a balanced and precise shifting experience.

Plus, this cassette option is particularly suitable for road racing, providing ample gearing options for various race conditions.

For those who prefer a wider range of gears, the 11-32 cassette offers additional climbing capabilities.

With no jumps larger than four teeth, this cassette allows riders to conquer steep ascents with ease. The carefully designed gear ratios cater to the needs of both professional and recreational cyclists, ensuring optimal performance in any situation.


Q: What’s included in the Campagnolo Record 12-Speed Rim Brake Groupset package?

A: The package typically includes a pair of ergonomically designed shift levers, front and rear derailleurs, dual pivot brake calipers, a crankset with chainrings, a chain, and a cassette.

Q: Is the Campagnolo Record 12-Speed Rim Brake Groupset compatible with all types of frames?

A: Yes, Campagnolo Record groupsets are designed to be compatible with most standard road bike frames, but it’s essential to ensure that your frame is compatible with the 12-speed system and rim brake calipers.

Q: What is the weight of the Campagnolo Record 12-Speed Rim Brake Groupset?

A: The weight of the groupset can vary depending on the specific components and options chosen. On average, it falls within the range of approximately 2.2 to 2.5 kilograms.

Q: Are the brake calipers adjustable for different rim widths?

A: Yes, Campagnolo Record dual pivot brake calipers feature adjustable reach, allowing cyclists to customize the brake caliper position to accommodate different rim widths and wheel sizes.

Q: Can I use the Campagnolo Record 12-Speed Rim Brake Groupset with electronic shifting systems?

A: No, the Campagnolo Record 12-Speed Rim Brake Groupset is a mechanical groupset, designed for use with traditional cable-actuated shifting systems.

Final Opinion

The Campagnolo Record 12 Speed Rim Brake Groupset is a testament to Campagnolo’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

Whether you’re a professional racer or a dedicated enthusiast, the Campagnolo Record 12 Speed Rim Brake Groupset delivers unparalleled performance, reliability, and versatility.

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