campagnolo centaur silver 11 speed ultra torq crankset

The Campagnolo Centaur Silver 11 Speed Ultra Torq Crankset, is a true masterpiece of power and adaptability. Engineered to elevate your riding experience, this chainset is a symphony of strength, efficiency, and versatility.

It channels extraordinary rigidity precisely where it matters most, ensuring every gear shift is flawlessly executed, every sprint is explosive, and every climb is conquered with unwavering determination.

With its ingenious spider design, you have the freedom to embrace change without limitations. Swap between chainring combinations effortlessly, without the need to replace the entire crankset.

So stay with us as we get to know the full potential of your cycling performance into the remarkable features of the Campagnolo Centaur.

Campagnolo Centaur Silver 11 Speed Ultra Torq Crankset Key Features

Here’s a table describing the key features of the Campagnolo Centaur Silver 11 Speed Ultra Torq Crankset:

Key FeaturesDescription
Versatile Chainring CombinationsThe crankset allows easy switching between different chainring combinations, eliminating the need to replace the entire crankset.
Anti-Friction Coated ChainringsThe chainrings feature a special anti-friction coating, promoting smooth chain operation for reduced friction and improved efficiency.
MPS™ TechnologyEquipped with Campagnolo’s innovative MPS™ technology, the chainrings ensure quick and accurate shifts in all weather and riding conditions.
Ultra Torque™ Bottom BracketThe integrated Ultra Torque™ bottom bracket system ensures consistent and rigid performance, optimizing power transfer for enhanced efficiency.
Optimized Shifting ZonesThe crankset’s design includes optimized up-shift and down-shift zones, enabling fast and precise shifting under various riding conditions.
Enhanced Lateral DimensionsBy permanently joining the semi-axles to the crankset arms, the Centaur crankset reduces lateral dimensions, preventing ankle contact and improving comfort.
Increased Axle RigidityDespite its narrow side profile, the crankset’s bearings are positioned outside the bottom bracket shell, resulting in greater axle rigidity due to the increased diameter.

campagnolo centaur silver 11-speed ultra torq crankset Review

Campagnolo truly did an amazing job in making this crankset stand out. And there are some features that make it a top choice among cycling enthusiasts. And such features include:

Versatility at Its Finest

Versatility at Its Finest

The Campagnolo Centaur Silver 11 Speed Ultra Torq Crankset is a true chameleon in the world of cycling.

Its remarkable versatility allows riders to switch effortlessly between chainring combinations without the need to replace the entire crankset.

Whether you desire the efficient 50/34t or the powerful 53/36t setup, the Centaur’s spider design accommodates both options with ease.

This means you can adapt your gear ratios to suit different terrains, riding styles, or personal preferences without breaking a sweat.

Smooth and Precise Shifting

Smooth and Precise Shifting

One of the standout features of the Centaur crankset is the special anti-friction coating on its chainrings.

This coating promotes smooth chain operation, reducing friction and enhancing the overall efficiency of your pedal strokes.

No matter how hard you push or what weather conditions you encounter, the Centaur’s chainrings, equipped with Campagnolo’s innovative “MPS™” technology, ensure quick and accurate shifts.

This means you can tackle challenging inclines or sprint to the finish line with confidence, knowing that your gear changes will be seamless and reliable.

Uncompromising Performance

Uncompromising Performance

The Campagnolo Centaur Silver 11 Speed Ultra Torq Crankset delivers uncompromising performance thanks to its integration of the “Ultra Torque” bottom bracket system.

This system ensures consistent and rigid power transfer, allowing you to maximize your pedaling efficiency and achieve optimal performance on every ride.

The Centaur’s optimized design of the up-shift and down-shift zones, along with the precisely engineered profile of its teeth, guarantees fast and precise shifting under any riding conditions.

With 8 chain upshifting areas and 2 chain downshifting areas, you can trust that gear changes will be swift and accurate, even when you’re pushing yourself to the limit.

Enhanced Comfort and Stability

Enhanced Comfort and Stability

Campagnolo has gone the extra mile in designing the Centaur crankset to provide an enhanced riding experience.

By permanently conjoining the semi-axles of the bottom bracket to the respective crankset arms, they have achieved a significant reduction in lateral dimensions at the axle level.

But that’s not all, this design innovation ensures that there is no annoying contact with your ankles as you turn the pedals, allowing for a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Additionally, despite the narrow side profile, Campagnolo has positioned the bearings outside the bottom bracket shell. This not only increases axle rigidity but also improves overall stability, thanks to the increased axle diameter.

Durability that Endures

Durability that Endures

When it comes to durability, the Campagnolo Centaur Silver 11 Speed Ultra Torq Crankset stands the test of time. Crafted with meticulous precision and high-quality materials, this crankset is built to last through countless miles of intense riding.

Its robust construction ensures excellent rigidity and resilience, even under demanding conditions. Whether you’re conquering steep climbs, sprinting at top speeds, or navigating rough terrains, the Centaur crankset remains steadfast, delivering consistent and reliable performance ride after ride.

With its exceptional durability, this crankset becomes a trusted companion, allowing you to focus on the ride ahead without worrying about premature wear or mechanical issues.


Q: What is the Ultra Torq system?

A: The Ultra Torq system is Campagnolo’s proprietary technology used in the Centaur Silver 11-Speed crankset. It features a unique design that optimizes the interface between the crank arms and the bottom bracket, ensuring maximum power transfer and stiffness.

Q: Does the crankset come with chainrings?

A: No, the Campagnolo Centaur Silver 11-Speed Ultra Torq Crankset is sold without chainrings. This gives riders the flexibility to choose their desired chainring sizes and configurations based on their specific needs and riding style.

Q: Is the Campagnolo Centaur Silver 11-Speed Ultra Torq Crankset compatible with other drivetrain components?

A: Yes, the Centaur Silver 11-Speed crankset is designed to work seamlessly with Campagnolo’s 11-speed drivetrain components, including derailleurs, shifters, and cassettes.

Q: Is the Campagnolo Centaur Silver 11-Speed Ultra Torq Crankset suitable for professional use?

A: While the Centaur Silver 11-Speed crankset offers high performance and durability, it is primarily designed for enthusiasts and recreational riders.

Final Thoughts

The Campagnolo Centaur Silver 11 Speed Ultra Torq Crankset is a versatile and high-performing component that enhances your cycling experience.

Its ability to seamlessly switch between chainring combinations without replacing the entire crankset sets it apart from the competition.

While it may have minor limitations in extreme scenarios, the Centaur crankset excels in providing adaptability, efficiency, and long-lasting durability, making it an excellent choice for cyclists seeking a superior riding experience.

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