25th Sep 2015

Outside Magazine's Top Picks From Interbike: Open Cycles, Wilier, Bianchi, Pinarello

Journalists are coming back from Interbike, brushing the glitter off their clothes, and starting to post what they saw under the bright lights of Sin City.

Outside Magazine went inside the Mandalay Bay Convention Center and posted their six “Hottest Road Bikes” from the show. It’s no surprise to us that this included a bike from the gravel category, a disc brake road bike, and a couple of steel models that made us want to break out our Duran Duran cassettes and fondly remember the 80s.

Without a doubt the gravel/ all-road category creating buzz like knobby tires on a smooth road. The Open Cycles’ Unbeaten Plus is a gravel bike with massive tires isn’t afraid to get dirty. Outside describes Open Cycles’ Unbeaten Path, only the companies’ second bike in the three years of their existence as “worth the wait” and going on to compliment Open Cycles’ attention to details and perfect finish.

If the name Open Cycles doesn’t ring a bell with you, it was founded by Gerard Vroomen, one of the principals from Cervelo. Cervelo was considered at the forefront of frame technology and aerodynamics. With the purchase of Cervelo to Pon Holdings, Vroom left and started his own company with Andy Kessler from BMC, so you know these guys know how to design a bike.

While Open Cycles is all about bike technology, the Bianchi l’Eroica model harkens back to a time when steel, lugs and downtube shifting were the norm. Sure, these steel bikes weren’t the lightest, they are without a doubt some of the prettiest bikes on the planet. Outside agrees with us and calls the l’Eroica a “head-turner.” For all you retro grouches, this bike is for you.

Another blast from the past, but created in the present, is the Wilier Superleggera. Constructed from Columbus SL tubing, the Superleggera is kitted out with modern components. Wilier brought back the original artisans who built these bikes for them in the 80/90's to do the builds. The window is closing on getting a steel bike of this stature. This is your chance. 

While many of us here at Glory Cycles remember our first steel bike quicker than we do our significant other’s birthday, we full appreciate and quietly lust over the modern advances in frame technology. One company that that constantly pushes the envelope is Pinarello. No better example of this is the Dogma F8 disc.

Before you get your chamois into a twist about disc brakes, this type of braking is without a doubt superior to rim braking. Even the traditional UCI allowed disc equipped bikes into the pro peloton last month on a trial basis and the world didn’t end like some naysayers thought. Expect to see discs as standard in 2017.

Aside from the disc brakes, the Dogma F8 frame is a modern work of art with its curved and aero-shaped tubes married with a sublime paint scheme. It’s easy to see how Outside would pick this as one of their favorites.

Is steel real for you? Do you want to take the path less taken? Like to ride what is considered to be the pinnacle in cycling technology? These four bikes embody those qualities and we got them ready for you.