Biknd Jetpack Bike Case

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  • Jetpack pushes the limits of bike travel further than the original best in class Helium case.
  • Ideal for larger bikes as well as for travelers with more than just a bike.
  • The ultimate travel solution for bikes on the go, JETPACK’s innovative inflatable wall-system flanks your precious cargo in Fort Knox-like protection.
  • Rugged roller wheels and an easy gripping handle bolster carrying convenience to and from arrival and departure gates, while the bag’s lightweight build complies with luggage weight restrictions across myriad airlines
  • Protection: Robust, air protection, plastic and foam heavy duty.
  • Lightweight: 8kg/17.6lbs, 360º opening.
  • Ready to fly: Created for globetrotters who travel with their bicycle. Authorized by TSA.
  • Flexible: Folds easily for convenient storage.
  • All Bikes: Compatible with a mountain bike. Triathlon ISP and Cross Bikes
  • Strength: Hard base rigid