Assos Summer Gloves S7

Assos Summer Gloves
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Tried and tested the Assos Summer Glove is hands down the best summer glove on the market. You can expect a pair of these to last 2-3 years with heavy use. 

Hot weather performance cycling gloves so that you retain complete control in summer conditions.

Created to excel in taxing summer conditions and maintain grip and control while protecting your palms. These summer cycling gloves feature intelligent padding on the underside to dampen vibrations and mesh panels between the fingers for a light and agile fit. ASSOS’ short finger Summer Gloves are ideally suited to use during the hottest days. With a flexible slip-on cuff and stretchy back, these gloves are close fitting enough to be aerodynamic yet extremely light to wear. Providing protection without bulk, our Summer Gloves are a warm weather staple